8 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress for Your Website

Whenever you ask someone for the best blogging platform, you must have noticed that many people suggest WordPress’s name. Have you ever wondered why? What could be the possible reason people recommend WordPress all the time?

If no, read this article by the end of it, you’ll get your answer.

The studies have shown that WordPress has a  64% market share for the ‘Content Management Systems’ on many websites with a recognized CMS. As per the study conducted by W3Techs, all the websites available on the internet have nearly 40% control of WordPress. Yes, it is correct out of four websites that you surf in a day or a week, at least one website has 40% power of WordPress.

As we now know that WordPress is ruling the CMS world, it’s time to jump in and know the reasons for using WordPress. But before that, let’s first get familiar with the term ‘WordPress’ precisely.

What Is WordPress?

In the year 2003, WordPress came into existence. In the beginning, WordPress was specifically formed as a blogging platform, later replaced by the ‘Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is open-source software that builds the website with a content management system (CMS)  and it has become the fully grown building platform for the website now.

WordPress is the leading website building platform for beginners. It helps in the development of unique and engaging websites. If you want to build your website on wordpress you need to hire professional developer or agency for WordPress development services. You can also make money from WordPress by posting blogs and can earn a good amount of money, isn’t it amazing?

Is WordPress Worth the Learning in 2021?

The answer is yes, the WordPress is still worth learning in 2021 because WordPress is in the lead and giving the best admin user experience. Nevertheless, WordPress still ranks number one for website designing.

Still, in a dilemma, why should you use WordPress? Well, the following are the reasons that will take away all your confusion completely.

Why Choose WordPress? 8 Primary Reasons You Should Look Forward to


The utmost reason for using WordPress is that it is a beginner-friendly CMS and it is super easy to set up and use. Besides, beginners can even use it without having any knowledge about coding or so. The functioning of WordPress requires the domain name and the account of website hosting. There are no hidden charges in the installation of WordPress besides that a person can solely download it directly from WordPress.org.

WordPress Is Mobile-Friendly

Websites with easy access on both desktop or laptop and mobile phones gain more traffic. Similarly, WordPress was formed in such a way that it gives instant responses on mobile devices also. It delivers a better user experience and mobile-friendly WordPress optimizes the excellent performance of the website on different mobile devices and gets loaded instantly on poor net connection as well.

The WordPress Community

WordPress is open-source software with a massive community across the globe! Whenever the user faces any issue while working on WordPress, the related community actively resolves the matter, makes WordPress a secure platform to work in, and updates it from time-to-time.


There are various CMS such as Squarespace, Shopify, etc but still WordPress happens to be the best CMS for SEO. WordPress is easy to use and is cost-effective plus it has the availability of different SEO-friendly themes. WordPress has great availability of different SEO Plug-ins that broadens the different functions of the website.

Integrated Blogs Feature

WordPress is a content management system incorporated with many features, helping the publication of the content with complete ease. Integrated blogs in WordPress help in accessing the blog or article from any gadget at any hour from anywhere.

Multiple Themes Offering

WordPress is a great platform to maintain the same reputation, WordPress makes addition of some amazing features. With this, WordPress gives users several choices related to the purposes of the website, features of the site, themes, and many more. There are numerous SEO themes available in WordPress that can make your WordPress site stunning and highly functional.

Flexibility and Adaptability

WordPress is highly flexible and easy to adapt to CMS. WordPress initially functions as a website blogging only but presently it works in several other areas, such as creating personal blogs, e-commerce stores, podcasts, small & large enterprises management websites, etc.

The Capability of Plug-Ins Extension

Since everyone wants to have different designs for the website, some prefer to have a simple website while others would like to perceive their website with some unique & specialized features as per the website requirement. Similarly, WordPress has an exceptional characteristic of Plug-in Extension, allowing the users to make additional features like the photo gallery, formation of the contact list, etc.

Final Words

By concluding this, one thing that needs to be said is that if you want to give your website a professional look and want to receive better outcomes, professional WordPress web development services would be the best option for you where no technical or coding is required. An individual can have an engaging audience by posting informative, unique, and creative blogs and can climb towards a higher ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs).


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