A Guide To Social Media Statistics For Digital Marketers

Social Media has become an effective mode of communication, sharing and marketing over the past few decades. The vast advancements in the Social Media Industry has reaped major benefits to Digital Marketers to deliver the best Digital Solutions to their clients. Social Media is an important part of the youth’s lifestyle. Similarly, for Digital Marketers, staying updated with the recent trends and flow in the Digital Marketing Industry is crucial to ensure an improved result with the emerging concepts. 

Well ending this year with lots of effort and strategies, This article paves a way for new tips and tricks to ensure a better beginning this New Year for your Business Goals. With all the knowledge and expertise, the Digital Marketers should follow these statistics to stay informed and offer something unique this coming year. 


The continued success of Social Media has left all satisfied with the numerous advantages and features it offers. The increasing usage of Digital Media Platforms are a result of the convenient useful technology which offers an ease and smooth handling of the Social Media Accounts. Social Media has witnessed around a 13% global increase the past year and it definitely is assumed to get higher in the coming future. 


Thus, Introducing Brands on Social Media Platforms is all set to offer a higher advantage to the online recognition of the company. The Best Digital Marketing Service Provider Company lay significance on Social Media and strategize their goals to post Social Media friendly content to stay at the top. 


While Social Media has gained all the deserved attention, the platforms on which we access them shouldn’t be ignored. With a number of people accessing Social Media inside their homes on desktop screens, there are, on the other hand, billions of people who use mobile phones or tablets to access digital platforms on the go. Moreover, it has been estimated that around 2.958 billion people have access to social media through their mobile device. Hence, The Best Digital Marketing Companies focus critically on social media and also on the digital platforms to ensure that their approach is optimized for a wider range of engagement on smart phones. 


Face book and YouTube have definitely bagged the position for being the most successful social media platforms in the current era. Face book has indeed been a dominant platform since the starting without any doubt. In fact, according to recent research around 68% adult Americans are using face book


While YouTube on the other hand is another important Social Media Platform occupying the age group between 18-24 years. Around 73% of the population is using YouTube because of its trending watch videos and a plethora of content being updated every minute. 

Video Marketing, being the most effective, eye catching and influential forms of visual content, is a trend on social media platforms. The Top Digital Marketing Agencies definitely make use of YouTube and Face book to offer visual content to reach global audiences. So Digital Marketers, gear yourself up and focus more on what’s the best!


There are several tools and techniques to monitor the behavior of your social media platforms. The audience is watching your content and will follow you only if you deliver relevant, promising and attractive pieces of information. Around 51% of social media users will unfollow you if your account behavior seems ‘irritating’. 


It is therefore important to consider people in mind and see how they respond positively to your content offered. What they look out for most is responsiveness. If Digital Marketing Companies interact with the audiences in a positive manner, then they are likely to offer an optimistic response to your business. 


‘Bots’ on Social Media are effective and important for communication, interaction with clients, users. Chat bots provide integral value to the businesses. Chat bots now comprises a population of around 33,000 people on Face book. They offer a customer service role as they are designed in such a manner to offer a human to human communication. They are useful for cooking tips, facilitating transactions and also assist in transport timetables for buses as well as trains. 


The Best Digital Marketing Service Provider Company use Chat bots to offer ease in communication with their users and achieve the desired goals. 


Twitter is used for its small sized text messages, communication. What people love to see on it are Pictures, Images and visual content. Digital Marketers should know that by posting images in the tweets, it raises a chance of re tweets by 150%. If your Digital Marketing Company is Branding and Promoting a Tangible product, then it is important to post relevant images for good marketing. A selective use of engaging images can definitely do wonders in increasing and budding customer engagements. 


Giving a tremendous amount of competition to its fellow social media platforms, Instagram is undoubtedly the most appreciated and used Digital Platform in the current era. In 2018, Instagram passed around one billion users and continues to grow every 5% every year, thereby beating the growth of Face book. Most of the growth of Instagram is dependent upon its young users that get attracted to this image based Social Media Platform. 

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Video Marketing is trending and involves a major piece of content to be displayed in a visual manner, saving time and energy of users to read a larger piece of information. Visual Content is easily accessible to users and with the emerging Digital Technology and its benefits, users prefer to treat their eyes with effective and attractive videos. Video Marketing has been regarded as the most trending concept in Social Media Marketing today. 



Social Media is a wonderful space for communications, promotions, sharing thoughts and posting your content. It is interesting to believe what this concept has in store for us in the future. However, the Digital Marketers can consider this article for the trending aspects and use it to their full advantage. 

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