Activities to Enjoy on Golden Triangle Tour Packages India

The golden triangle India is a wonderful place to visit. You can take your family as well as friends on this wonderful trip. You can take your children to the golden triangle india tour package and increase their general knowledge. I bet they will never be able to forget it. The super cool children of this generation will become extremely proud and sensitive about the historical achievements of our ancient rulers. It is an opportunity to visit the three great cities together with your dear acquaintances. There are so many beautiful tourist spots but along with that, you can go for so many nice activities that we are about to discuss.

Ride in a Rickshaw at Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi is a wonderful market. You can get everything at very reasonable prices and you will be able to get wonderful quality. The traders at Chandni Chowk have been dealing over there for so long and therefore they provide promising quality. There’s so genuine that they can guarantee the quality of the product and they also demand that you may come back and return the product in case there is any problem. You can visit Chandni Chowk in a rickshaw if you are not able to walk for so long. It is more convenient than traveling in a car. A car needs more space than an auto-rickshaw.

Sound and Light Show of Akshardham

Akshardham temple is a very beautiful temple that has been constructed recently by the government of India. People find peace when they visit the Akshardham temple. The temple organizes religious songs in the morning and the evening hours. The atmosphere over there is so nice that everybody wants to enjoy it. People forget all their problems. There are a sound and light show of Akshardham in the evening. It is religious and it generates divine feelings because of divine music and at the same time, it looks very beautiful also. You can have a package of a variety of feelings on your golden triangle tour packages india.

Visiting the Taj Mahal during Sunrise

The Taj Mahal is an ancient wonder of the world and we all are highly proud of it. Everybody who goes to Agra visits the Taj Mahal. If you can try to manage to wake up early in the morning and visit the Taj Mahal it will be wonderful for you. The beauty of the Taj Mahal is said to have different faces. It is said that the Taj Mahal shows different moods. When you visit the Taj Mahal its beauty is influenced by the light of the sun in the morning. It looks exceptionally beautiful when you see that early in the morning.

A Heritage Walk in Old Agra

The old areas of any city are highly beautiful. They represent the actual culture of the place. If you want to know the history and the marks of history in the present, you must go and visit the old areas of any city. It will give you give the pleasure of Heritage walk. You must keep some munchies to eat it so that you don’t feel hungry while walking. This is how you can earn a lot on your taj mahal tour from delhi too.

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