Beginners Guide to Understand Different Types of Vaporizer Devices

The cannabis products industry has evolved a lot from the last decade since its medicinal properties become prevalent. As per the stats of Grand View Research, Inc, the global legal marijuana market size will inflate to $73.6 billion in 2027. Every day, new strains of hybrid, Indica and Sativa are coming to the market. With the increasing size of the Cannabis industry, its consumption accessories are also becoming popular.  Most cannabis lovers are never beyond joints. The smoking joint is a traditional way to get high on weed and still occupying the largest share in the marijuana market. However, vaporizers have also started the attention of weed lovers. As a beginner, you will definitely confuse yourself while choosing a vaporizer device. We will explain in detail why they have unique shapes and sizes. 

Categorizing Vaporizer Devices 

All vaporizer devices available in the market work on two types of mechanisms i.e. 

  • Condiction 
  • Convection

These are the heating techniques meant for producing vapours out of concentrates. The conduction process increases temperature from the bottom. Stuff gets direct heat that forms thick vapour clouds. The convection process, on the other hand, heats the stuff indirectly. Forced steam of hot air increases the temperature inside the atomization chamber for the formation of vapours. 

Which is the Best One?

From the perspective of quality, the convection vaporizer is the winner. The conduction technique of direct heating burns some of your stuff during the vaporization process. Also, the vapour quality remains inferior as compared to the convection devices. You cannot find a disposable vape pen for sale in the convection mechanism because of its large size. The convection technique requires a more complex mechanism of atomization that doesn’t fit in a compact size. This is the biggest drawback of convection devices. They are mostly available in desktop models. 

If you are looking for a compact size, conduction is the best option. Quality-wise, nothing can beat the efficiency of convection vaporizers. 

Recent Innovation in Vaporizers Industry

The traditional models of vaping devices are only meant for atomizing liquid concentrates. E-liquid contains various other synthetic elements to promote quick atomization. A vape cartridge contains propylene glycol and glycerin along with THC. However, the percentage of dry herb consumers is much higher. They don’t feel satisfied with synthetic elements and expect purity. Here comes the role of a hybrid vaporizer. A renowned dispensary of weed delivery Canada will have the option of buying hybrid devices capable of atomizing both liquid and solid concentrates. A separate chamber is provided where you can add dry herbs, hash or wax for atomization. 

Choosing the Most Suitable Device

Desktop vaporizer

If you need a vaping device to enjoy at home, a desktop model would be the best option to choose. It produces the finest quality vapours and occupies a large area. The desktop models are equipped with multiple functionality options for a customized high experience

Portable pocket-size vaporizers 

In mobility, you can carry portable pocket-size vaporizer devices. They are equipped with fewer functions but capable of satisfying your needs during the journey. Both dry herb and liquid atomization options are available in these devices. 

Vaping pens

At an online weed dispensary, you will also find vaping devices looking exactly like a pen. Some of them are reusable whereas others are disposable. 

I hope this information is enough to guide you in figuring out the best vaping device. Never forget to research the leading vaping devices before buying. 

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