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The cost of medical treatment in Egypt can be pretty expensive. The most important things that will influence your health insurance policy are your age and gender. Both these factors will determine the cost of your medical treatment. If you are a senior citizen or if you are a woman, your medical insurance policy will not be able to cover the cost of your treatment overseas. In addition, the cost of treatment can also go up if your country of origin is not one that is covered by your medical insurance.

In this situation, it will be wise for the average citizen to seek medical treatment outside their country of origin. For those that cannot do so, there are various options available. The main ones are discussed below.

You can always opt for a medical evacuation. This means that you will be flown to another destination where you can get medical treatment at a more affordable rate. Egyptian national and foreign medical facilities along with state-of-the art facilities are available at these destinations.

There are private hospitals located in different parts of Egypt. They are well equipped to handle cases of emergencies. But their location and their size will depend on the amount of financial assistance that you will get from your family’s private medical insurance. The rate of medical costs can also differ depending on whether the patient is an expat or not. And there are Best Private hospitals in Egypt for expats only.

It is very common that the cost of dental treatment will be higher in an area where there is less competition. And here is where the Egyptian national health insurance can come into play. The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the other nations that form a part of the UAE have national health insurance plans for expats. They are offered by companies such as USIS, PEO, EQS, and several other private employers that offer low-cost or free medical insurance for their employees and spouse’s Egyptian dental association is also a valuable resource for all expatriates to gather dental information about available facilities in Egypt. The association has lists of all dental treatment facilities and specialists. Its database can help you find an experienced and reliable local dentist. If you go through the list of dental specialists, you can identify the one who is closest to your point of origin. You can then schedule a consultation session with him to find out if he can handle the problem at your residence or overseas location.

The World Health Organization says that the medical infrastructure of Egypt is developing steadily. It is possible that the country’s lack of qualified staff will reduce the number of foreign visitors to the country. However, the W.H.O. says that the level of health care coverage for the Egyptian people is satisfactory and that the quality of medical services currently provided by the hospitals is good. Some facilities such as private hospitals and military hospitals are capable of meeting the standards set by the organization, the authorities of these institutions say.

There are many medical facilities available abroad. It would be necessary to research them before you choose a particular treatment center. A temporary agreement might be possible for a cheaper medical treatment while you travel abroad. If this is the case, you should inform your loved ones immediately and arrange alternative arrangements for treatment.

In some cases, you may not have a choice but to stay in Egypt under the care of Egyptian authorities while you receive treatment. This means you will have to stay in a treatment facility for a long time while you are there. This arrangement might be a little uncomfortable for you and your family members. The W.H.O says that it is checking the reports of prison conditions in Egypt and other countries, and that there is no evidence of any ill-treatment of foreign medical staff in its territories.

Before traveling, you should check the cost of treatment at hotels in the destination where you are scheduled to get treatment. The cost of treatment is different for domestic and foreign visitors. Domestic tourists to Egypt pay the same rates as those charged by hotels in the major cities. Foreigners, who come to Egypt for treatment, are charged with higher rates.

Before you leave for Egypt, find out how hospitals and medical facilities are faring in terms of hygiene. Ask whether medical treatment is provided in the examination rooms, whether bed-side service is available and whether all the equipment is up to par. If you do decide to travel to Egypt, assess the facilities and compare them with what you would expect to find in your own country. Compare costs and choose the best medical treatment that you can afford.

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