EV Chargers: Select The Best Of The Lot

Although an electric car owner can charge their vehicle by plugging it into a regular wall socket, it is a painfully slow operation. This type of charging can take anywhere from eight to nearly 24 hours to fully charge the vehicle’s power cells, depending on the vehicle and its battery capacity.Thus contacting reliable EV charger manufacturers India and installing a dedicated line in your garage, similar to those used to power large electric appliances, is a safer option. The job could cost a few more, depending on local labour rates and the amount of work involved.

Thus, here are some of the tips to select the best EV charger that is high-quality and efficient. 

  • Plug-In or Hardwired- EV chargers are available in both plug-in and hardwired configurations. Plug-in units give you the option of conveniently removing the charger and using it in another spot, or returning it for a replacement if anything goes wrong. Hardwired chargers are permanently attached to the wall and must be disconnected and removed by an electrician.
  • Cable Length– EV chargers come with cables ranging in length from 12 feet to 25 feet. Choose one with a long enough cable to hit your car’s charging port from any parking spot. Purchase a cable that is at least 20 feet long. Make sure that the charging cable is long enough to reach out to the area where you park your electric vehicle or car easily.
  • Smart Or Dumb-Smart EV chargers come with apps that allow the owner to review charging sessions, control real-time charging, start/stop charging sessions, schedule charging, set up plug-in reminders, and more. Dumb chargers will only charge your electric vehicle, which is all that some EV owners want from their chargers. Dumb chargers will turn off when the battery is fully charged.
  • Cost– A high-quality, safety-certified electric vehicle charging station will set you back a significant sum of money. However, investing more money does not necessarily equate to getting more. Many charging station manufacturers have special deals and discounts from time to time, so do some research before making a purchase. For others, the cheapest charger that’s well-built and comes with a decent warranty is the best option, while for others, the ability to check to charge session history, measure the exact cost of charging, and other smart-charging features are worth the extra money.
  • EV Charging Equipment That Is Safety-Certified AndComes with a Warranty– There is a wide range of EV charging equipment available on the internet today. Many of these items are low-cost, low-quality items that aren’t safety-certified and come with limited warranties. Make sure the EV charger you buy has been safety checked by reputable organizations and comes with a warranty. So, if there are any problems with your EV chargers, you can easily reach out to that company and get your charger repaired or replaced easily in less time.

When selecting EV charger manufacturing companies in India for your electric vehicle, make sure it is manufactured by a reputable company like Techovn that has been certified and identified by major automakers. This will ensure that your car is compatible. Furthermore, the manufacturer can ensure that your charging station can receive potential upgrades, facilities, or replacement parts.

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