Floral Gajra – The Traditional Ornament of India

Floral Gajra is a traditional Indian wedding ceremony which has evolved over time to become a glamorous and spectacular event. It is believed that the floral garlands were widely prevalent during the rule of Chandragupta. However, it was the mighty Rajput rulers who changed all of that. They banned the use of floral garlands and replaced it with the much more sophisticated and elegant Swarjikaar. Although the floral garlands were never formally abolished, they were no longer openly practiced and this marked the beginning of the end of floral wedding ceremonies. After this period, the use of floral garlands waned completely and they have remained virtually obsolete until very recently.

floral gajra

But, the traditional tradition is not over. With the advent of the Internet, more couples are choosing to marry under the floral garlands on the auspicious occasion of Vrindhavan. This is because the floral garlands are easily available and it allows them to be easily customized according to their taste and liking.

The flowers used in floral garlands are always a combination of flowers that come from different parts of the world. In most cases, the floral garlands resemble the Indian tradition of daubing flowers on the marriage bed. However, floral garlands are also now being presented in other forms such as a gift wrapped in a gift bag or a box. The choice is entirely up to the couple’s choice and preferences.

Floral garlands also come in various colors and designs. It is important for the bride to select the color and design of her floral garlands so that it complements the motif of the wedding ceremony. The choice must also depend on the season of the year. For instance, in the summer, the floral garlands can be bright red and vibrant orange. During wintertime, the garlands are best displayed in shades of silver or gold.

The floral garlands can also be in various sizes. These days, they are designed in the size of ball or diamond rings. These are usually used as favors by the bride during her reception. The smaller floral garlands are used during the wedding ceremony and exchanged between the two families during the function. However, the larger floral garlands are used as gifts during occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc.

The material that is used to manufacture floral garlands is embroidery. It is popular in the use of silk, cotton, brocade, jute, bamboo, and silk brocade. The manufacturers also provide embellishments such as stones, sequins, beads, ribbons and laces. In some occasions, silver bangles and gold ornaments are also used instead of beads and ribbons. In some other occasions, floral garlands are used without any embellishment.

Today, floral garlands are worn in numerous traditional Indian events. They are used to crown the statues of eminent personalities, or else they can be used as decorative accessories on their graves. Some of the important events where floral garlands are used are the Republic Day, Independence Day, Good Friday, Christmas, Diwali, Eid etc.

The traditional Indian floral garlands also include lots of flowers. Sometimes, a single flower is used. This happens in cases where a single flower is not possible. The flowers that are used in these floral garlands can also be from the same species. Some of the commonly used flowers that are used in floral garlands are roses, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, daffodils, Narcissus, hyacinths, lilies, tulips, camellias and dahlias.

Floral bouquets for women can be decorated with different designs. These designs can be bought from the local florists. However, if you want to have a unique bouquet, you can also make one for yourself. The main components that are required to make these bouquets of flowers, sugar paste, ghee, cardamom seeds, orange peel, cinnamon powder, vanilla and sultana. A grated coconut can also be added for flavoring.

Nowadays, floral garlands are no longer made using the traditional methods that were used a few decades ago. The floral garlands that are made today are decorated with sequins, beads, zardosi fabric and a lot of delicate material like net and silk. Many people prefer to make their own floral garlands for their bridal shower favors. If you are looking for a perfect centerpiece that will compliment your wedding theme, floral garlands would be perfect.

Another interesting thing about floral decorations is that they can be given to other people as gifts. In fact, many people who do not love flowers also appreciate receiving gifts made of flowers. You can send a floral arrangement or bouquet to your friends and family members as a gift on their birthdays, anniversaries or on Mother’s Day. It can also be a nice gift to give during a holiday party, wedding shower or wedding anniversary. For the spring time, floral arrangements can be placed around the house to add more color and freshness to it. The freshness and beauty of these flowers can also help in clearing your skin from acne and other skin problems.


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