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Woocommerce is not a new thing for the world today. As we all know that woocommerce has emerged as one of the most successful e-commerce solutions in the market. It is flexible in usage and works on an open source platform WordPress. Hence, it is widely used for ecommerce websites. You can use it for business purposes like to launch a new venture, to build up a new store or to design a site for your client, etc. However, one of the main concerns of the people is to find the fastest woocommerce hosting service provider which ensures instant connectivity with fast response and one such service provider is WPOven. With a customer base of over 15000, WPOven offers managed Woocommerce hosting, simple pricing, and exceptional client management dashboard. But before subscribing for it you must be clear about the following aspects:

1. What is the current size of the audience?

It is of utmost importance to know the size of the audience that you are targeting presently. This means you must have an approximate idea about what number of people will be visiting your site and hence what must be the serving capacity requirement for your hosting server. It is an essential thing so that you can determine whether the space allocated to you under your hosting pack would be enough for your present requirements and will it be able to accommodate any increase in the future or not. Do not fall into the trap of unlimited space and carefully look for the space provided by the host which is printed below the user’s agreement. Also, doing so will prevent your site from crashing down at times of a heavy number of visitors. Thus, it is highly recommended to do proper research on all the hosts and gather the information related to their traffic handling capacities before making up your mind.

2. To find out the location of the server!

This is one of the most ignored features but it plays an important role in deciding how fast your woocommerce hosting service provider will operate. The location of the server with respect to the operating region of your audience will affect the speed of response of your host server. Hence, it is generally advisable to opt for a hosting service provider whose server is closer to your audience to ensure good speed. Do not compromise with the speed for cheap rates as this may reduce your audience.

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