Hong Kong is a Marvelous Place to Visit for a Vacation

One of the most beautiful cities in the world is Hong Kong, the oriental pearl. With a population of about 6,970,000, Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. Hong Kong is divided into four parts and it occupies an area of about 1,104 square kilometres.

  • Kowloon peninsula
  • Hong Kong Island
  • The outlying islands
  • The new territories

In the world, Hong Kong is considered to be one of the most secured cities and it lures tourists from all over the world for Hong Kong Tours. Because of its mixed culture, there is no wrong in stating that it will be hard to find a place as exciting as Hong Kong.

Along with traditional customs of Confucianism, the city preserves the traces of British culture. We will discuss about touristic attractions in this article.

Avenue of Stars: paying tribute to those who made the city known as the Hollywood of the east, the list of touristic places starts with Avenue of stars.  Giving a breathtaking view, its glorious skyline is set against the peak. With ongoing performances like dance, drama, music and on, the atmosphere is lively.

With handprints of famous celebrities, commemorative plaques, life-size statue of Bruce Lee – the glamour of film industry and the Kung Fu hero, Avenue of stars is definitely a must see place. The Lantau Tours of Hong Kong is just mind blowing.

Ocean Park: located on the south-east part of Hong Kong Island, one of the best parks and aquariums all over Asia is the Ocean Park.

Victoria bay: Victoria bay is the third largest one in the world and first largest harbor in china. Between Kowloon peninsula and Hong Kong Island, it is located. From fishing vessels, cruise liners, star ferries, and ships, Victoria bay always bustles with watercraft. You must definitely have Airport Layover Tour of Hong Kong.

The peak: if they ever get a chance to go to Hong Kong, the peak is the one place no person should miss. Since British colonial times, it is a pretty famous place. For peace of mind and cool breeze, only rich and famous people used to visit this place back then but for magnificent cityscapes and panoramic view it is famous now.

Including new territories, Victoria harbor and sparkling skyscrapers, one can have a bird’s-eye view of the city during day time. The Asia’s world city’s glory will be hum by the dazzling lights shimmering beneath during night-time. Many prefer to have the Luxury Hong Kong tours.

Grizzly Gulch: One place where the kids as well as adults will have entertainment and fun is Grizzly Gulch, city’s Disneyland. With welcome wagon show, the fun time starts and continues with tricky water hazards, grizzly bears and Wild West photo. This is the one place where you have to be if you want to go back to your childhood and reincarnate.

In Hong Kong, there are many and these are just a few more touristic attractions for Luxury Hong Kong private tours. Do add Hong Kong to your must see places if you are planning for a vacation.

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