How to Learn Digital Marketing Without Paying Any Money by Gaurav Heera?


Go back thirty of forty years. In order to learn something new, a learner would have to pay money to buy books related to the subject. Not only that, the learner would have to find out which books to pay. Someone with little money to buy books would be forced to either borrow the books or go to a public library and hope they have the books needed says Gaurav Heera.

With the arrival of the internet, these scenarios became less and less plausible.

Today, someone can learn the meaning of a difficult word by searching for the same on Google. Tonnes of websites exist to help people learn to know things they have the need or desire to learn. Platforms like Google and YouTube have connected people to a sea of content mostly available for free says Gaurav Heera. 

There is still a monopoly over technical learning. In order to become a mechanical enginner or a doctor, a student does have to go to college and complete a degree. However, the student still can gain access to all the resources needed to study these subjects online. 

The same is true for digital marketing. 

An interested learner can sit at home and learn digital marketing without actually attending a classroom course. While doing so has its own advantages, a student can learn nevertheless through tons of online resources says Gaurav Heera.

In this article, we discuss a step-by-step procedure on how to learn digital marketing for free sitting at home.

Step One – Make a Study Plan

A study plan in this context refers to a list of subjects a student needs to cover in order to learn digital marketing. While a study plan is dictated by trainers at a digital marketing course, a student studying at home needs to make his/her own plan says Gaurav Heera. 

For example, when speaking of digital marketing, a student needs to make a list of topics such as SEO, AdWords, social media, email marketing, and so on, and cover each topic in an organized manner. It is advised for students to get a brief idea about each main topic before jumping into the details.

Step Two – Use All Resources at Hand

There are thousands of blogs and videos one can find online covering different parts of digital marketing. Learners are advised to consult all the resources at hand. 

The reason for learning from different sources is simple. All-round understanding can only be achieved by repeatedly learning the same topic in different forms and styles. By consulting different sources, students essentially learn how to approach topics in digital marketing from different angles says Gaurav Heera. 

Step Three – Implement Each Concept on a Practical Level

Simply reading each concept of digital marketing is not enough. Learners should implement the concepts they learn. For instance, creating a website to learn how a website is ranked organically with SEO and inorganically with AdWords helps a lot. The same is true while learning concepts like social media and email marketing says Gaurav Heera. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers a step-by-step procedure to learning digital marketing sitting at home. According to Gaurav Heera, all a student needs a laptop, an active internet connection, and the determination to learn. 

About Gaurav HeeraGaurav Heera is a renowned expert in digital marketing and a professional blogger. He currently heading for DelhiCourses, one of the best institutes offering a digital marketing course in Delhi.

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