How to Watch Instagram Live Videos in a Browser


Instagram is one of the best social networks of the moment and many millions of users make new posts every day, watch videos and download Instagram videos. However, the Stories and live videos are the functions that have gained the most prominence and popularity on the social network owned by Facebook. 

From the Instagram app it is easy to be aware of everything that happens on the social network, however, if you are one of those who usually see many live videos of the people you follow, then surely you have considered some occasion how to watch live Instagram videos from the PC.

There can be many reasons why we want to see a live video of Instagram from the computer instead of seeing it from the mobile, such as its duration, since it is more comfortable to see it on a large screen, to see it in greater detail when playing it in a larger size. , avoid excessive consumption of the battery or mobile data, etc. However, it is something that the web version of the social network does not allow us to do natively.

In order to watch live Instagram videos from your computer browser, we are going to have to use an extension developed for this purpose for the Google Chrome browser. Specifically, it is the Chrome IG Story extension, which we can add to Google Chrome from this same link.

IG Story, an extension with which we can watch live videos and Instagram Stories from Chrome anonymously

As we have already said, with this extension installed in the browser, we will be able to see live videos from Instagram and the user who has broadcast the video will not know that you have been one of the viewers, since it allows them to be seen even repeatedly on a regular basis.

In addition to being able to watch live Baixar video do Instagram, IG Story also allows us to see Stories of the people we follow within the social network from the browser. 

This is something that we can normally do if we enter our Instagram account from any browser; however, with IG Story we can also see live videos and Instagram Stories of our friends anonymously.

How to use IG Story extension

To start enjoying this extension, the first thing we have to do is install it in our Google Chrome browser. Once this is done, and have logged into Instagram in the browser, just click on the extension icon that is shown next to the address bar and a window will be shown from which we can see live videos and Stories Instagram of the people we follow.

As we can see, it is also possible to share those videos live and Instagram Stories, download with instadownloaderpro or view them as many times as we want. At the top, we find the option that allows us to do all this anonymously, while also offering us the option to search for content by filtering by friends, hashtags, places, etc.

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