The Muscular AMG GT C + GT R Roadsters

the-muscular-amg-gt-c-gt-r-roadstersMercedes has come out with one more sports car which is creating waves in the minds of sports car lovers. Along with AMG GT family, Mercedes has introduced AMG GT C family. The car is most powerful Roadstar with highly technical refinements. It includes the car with larger propositions which includes wider rear wings, wider tracks and wider wheels.

It is sportscar having open top car. The fabricated roof top is fixed protecting the car from the upwards. The roof top can be opened when require even in just 11 seconds. The roof top is nicely designed and available in black, beige or in red color. The entire rooftop is divided into three parts and the fabric is completely supported using magnesium, steel or aluminum. The entire structure is light weight and can keep the balance centrally placed.

The rollover protection is offered with integrated technology using cross member and the rollover bars. The new power level Mercedes has seven-dual clutch transmission system having transaxle arrangement at the rear axle. The AMG ‘GT C roadster can be controlled by adjusting the hardware setting and software options. The gear system works well and it helps in controlling the acceleration. About wheels, UsaRim offers AMG style rims that can provide your car’s wheel a unique look to stand out from the crowd.

The movement using the clutch at lower level which keeps the transmission ratio higher and the clutch at higher level keeps the transmission at lower. It helps in controlling the speed of the car which is completely dependent on different transmission modes such as comfort C, sports S, Sports plus S+.  The driving experience can change from comfort level to sports to sports plus level.

The interior of the car is very stylish and having latest designs and patterns. The entire setup of the dashboard is divided into proper panels. The fabricated roof top with matching color of car seat looks attractive. The specially designed leather is used and it makes the sets looks soft and shiny.  The doors are designed in stylish concave patterns with well-fitted interface. The seats are comfortable and having space around.

The seats are specially designed which are having lateral support and relaxing backrest which is essential while the car moves in higher speed. The seats are at air-scarf neck level heating system which is most comfortable while driving in open-air mode. The temperature of the air can be set according to different modes. Even during hot summer the atmosphere in car remains highly enjoyable. Even the seat climate control option helps in changing the climate according to the seating arrangement.

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