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Holidays are stress busters; but if they empty your pocket, they can give you more stress than normal days. So, it’s smart to plan your holiday in a way that it relaxes you and keeps your pocket happy too. For this, you need to keep a check on offers. Don’t miss the free travel coupons from

Traditional Package or DIY Package?

Before you plan a holiday, decide whether you wish a traditional holiday package in which the tour operator plans the itinerary, or you wish to holiday as per your plan. In the latter case, you will book flights and hotels separately. It may or may not be from the same site. In this case, you can benefit the most in hotel booking by using promo code. This is an exclusive hotel booking site and also provides car rentals. 

Traditional Package

In a traditional package, you receive an all-in-one trip in which the tour operator books flights, accommodation, and sightseeing for you at one price. An advantage of such holidays is that you need not hassle around for accommodation and finding the best tourist attractions. Everything is arranged for you and you only need to enjoy your trip. 

However, some of you may feel ‘trapped’ in the pre-fixed tour itinerary. What if you wish to explore some places on your own? This is not possible in a package holiday, as everything is fixed. You have to abide by the operator’s plan. 

That’s where DIY packages come to the scene. 

DIY Package

Such holidays are for people who wish to arrange their own holidays.  They only want to book flights and accommodations. Many reputable sites like also provide car rentals. You can explore the place on your own in a car. Fix your own timings of sightseeing; plan your own sightseeing; stop wherever you wish to and enjoy the local scenery; return to the hotel as per your wish. Such a holiday gives you more freedom and relaxation. 

Traditional vs. DIY

Traditional holidays are best suited for the typical 7, 10, or 14 days’ trip at standard tourist destinations. On the other hand, a DIY holiday can be of 1 day, 2 days, weekend getaway, one week, or a whole month. You are completely on your own. You can visit not-so-popular spots. Plan your own activities and sightseeing locations. Sounds exciting, right? 

It becomes even more exciting when you save money through a verified coupon. 

Smart Traveling Tips

A smart traveler never books a flight or hotel at the first quoted rate. Haggle a bit. That’s the secret to coming to the best price. Another smart tactic is to make the best use of offers available through reputable travel and booking sites. 

For example, latest travel coupons allow you to book a hotel at an exceptionally low price. You can choose from 500,000 hotels worldwide and book online. Find a hotel in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington, Scottsdale, New Orleans, Dallas, San Diego, Toronto, Nashville, Orlando, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, San Francisco, and more. 

So, if you are planning a short trip with your beau to celebrate Valentine’s Day or just need a break from your routine life, start checking online offers from today. You are sure to find online deals that suit your pocket. Many reputable sites offer discounts and codes that help you book flights and hotels at stunningly low prices. 

In case you are unable to plan so early for the Valentine’s, you might want to keep the booking activity for the last minute. The problem with last-minute booking is that you may or may not get your choice of hotel or suite. So, if you are eyeing a romantic couple suite in a beautiful hotel of Las Vegas, you need to book in advance and not keep it for the last days. You also lose some lucrative limited deals.

In matters of booking at the least prices, procrastination is a poor choice. You must hurry and grab the best offers that are already going on at reputable hotel booking sites. 

The latest holiday coupons have arrived at the website Don’tPayAll. Choose your location. Plan your holiday today. Use the coupons on time and save money. Have a wonderful holiday. 

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