Selecting the Right Connector: Shielded RJ45 Connectors, 8P8C, and Others


RJ45, 8P8C, or shielded RJ45 connectors; which are the best for your Ethernet connection? If you’re involved in computer networking, you must have experienced the dilemma at some point in time. Sometimes, these terms are used interchangeably, which adds more to the confusion. Are all of them the same? If not, then what makes them different?

Connectors are ideal partners for Ethernet cables in a network. The combination ensures a connection and smooth data transfer. RJ45 is a widely popular and most commonly used term in the networking world for a wired Ethernet network. However, Ethernet cables have gone through exciting evolution, and various kinds of tools used with it.

RJ45 Connector 

As discussed, it is a standard connector used over an Ethernet network today. Here, RJ stands for Registered Jack. Originally, RJ45 connectors were made for connecting telephone lines. Due to their significance in the effective connective and compact side, they soon became a part of computer networks.

Shielded RJ45 Connector

As the name suggests, it features a shield in the form of a plastic tab. The tab is a bendable piece that helps form a tight connection between a cable and the insertion port. Also, it prevents the cable from coming loose. 

RJ45 Female Connector

RJ45 connectors have gender: plugs are known as males, and jacks or sockets are called females. Modern Ethernet networks have plugs to insert into jacks, known as RJ45 female connector devices. 

 8P8C Connector

The connector features an array of pins. It has eight positions with one mm distance between each pin. There are a variety of 8P8C connectors on the market, and shielded RJ45 connectors are the most prevalent ones among them. 8P8C connectors and RJ45 connectors are different from each other and cannot be used with one another. 8P8C connectors can be combined with RJ45 receptacles, but the inverse is not possible. 

How to Choose the Right Connector

Few people understand the difference between connectors and their usage. It is essential to know their types and applications. These devices are the backbone of an Ethernet network, and they need to be installed in the right way to reap their benefits. For example, shielded RJ45 connectors are effective tools in Local Area Networks. 

These need to be wired in the right way. Male RJ45 plugs can be wired with just a few networking tools. A significant advantage of using these connectors is that they eliminate costly repair like replacing a cable. 

When buying a connector, it is essential to consider your Ethernet network and your requirements. Ensure that the right kind of wire is used with the connector for the required output. 

In The End

Connectors are essential tools in an Ethernet network. They ensure the smooth transfer of data over the network. Always find the right connector and get it from a reliable supplier to increase the efficiency of the network. All the best! 

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