Some of the Many Utilities of Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition


Microsoft dynamics 365 has been programmed in two versions. While one is meant for small to medium-sized business, the other one serves medium to large scale businesses. The version that serves small to medium-scale businesses is called the business center while and the version that serves medium to large scale businesses is called the enterprise edition.

Each has a series of applications that perform their respective functions to facilitate any business process. Here we will discuss how certain apps, that the Enterprise edition of Microsoft Dynamics contains, benefits business processes.

How does Microsoft dynamics 365 for sales benefit your business?

  1. Enhancing the business process: with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales helps to optimize any business with the automated sales processes. One gets gating activities, notifications and approves using business process flows.
  2. Build business relationships: with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales come to account and contact management. Thereby you can keep track of all the necessary information about your clients, customers, employees, and other important contacts. One can also integrate data from partnered apps.
  3. Increase sales: Microsoft dynamics 365 for sales helps one to keep track of leads and prospects which helps to achieve new goals and grab better opportunities. By keeping an eye on the competitors one can decide on future steps for the betterment of the business. the marketing aspect effectively increases sales.

How does dynamics 365 field service benefit your business?

  1. Satisfying customers: customer satisfaction is the most important part of any business. The business owner not only needs to attract the customers but also needs to keep them satisfied. With Microsoft dynamics 365 field service, one can achieve better efficiency and fulfill customer demands as it is selectively curated.
  2. Increasing service revenue: dynamics 365 field service comes with field automation that reduces warranty leaks. Organizations can access new markets, maximize their technicians, enhance their cross-sell or up-sell opportunities. They can experience a speedy cash flow and more. This ultimately leads to an increase in service revenue.
  3. Work order management: dynamics 365 field service helps to create work orders, maintain digital portals, and email with service-specific functionalities. This can be done directly from the CRM. It can also track entitle related cost, invoice, and SLA.

Finance and operation:

  1. Managing the fiance: once can easily manage their finances and take charge of their business’ financial performance with an accounting software platform and comprehensive financial management. Microsoft dynamics 365 for operation is compatible, even with the most complex multi-national organizational structures.
  2. Regulating the manufacturing and supply chain: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations help business owners to regulate their manufacturing and supply chains with a wide range of supply chain activities. This includes inventory and warehouse management, master planning, procurement, and sourcing, etc.

These are just a few features, there are more applications and features waiting for the users to be utilized.


There are a few varieties of apps available under the enterprise edition of dynamics 365. Some of their functions and features are discussed.

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