The choice of body armor

When choosing protection options, you need to proceed from the threat. It is one thing to be a man who quarreled with a neighbor (and a neighbor has a hunting rifle), and quite another to a businessman who has reason to fear competitors.

That is why the first question that you need to ask yourself when choosing a bulletproof vest is what it should protect from. The class of ammunition will depend on the answer, which means weight, material, thickness and other parameters. In addition, it will help determine which body armor is preferred – for concealed or outdoor wear.

Who is suitable for hidden wearing:
Those who do not want to know about the protection. There may be several reasons for this. Among them – the unwillingness to bother loved ones and show the bulletproof vest to colleagues, business partners and in general to everyone around. But the main goal is one: the attacker should not know that his victim is wearing armor. In this case, he will almost certainly prefer to act in the simplest way and will shoot several times in the torso. If the attacker knows about the defense, he will try to hit the head.

If protection is needed by a businessman who has an unpleasant situation with business partners, especially if it comes to direct threats and reports of an impending assassination attempt, light armor will not be enough. In this case, you need to analyze the situation and choose the appropriate option:

Br2. It is able to protect against a shot from a TT pistol – which means it can save lives in the case of a widespread assassination attempt, when the killer attacks a person in the entrance, shoots several times in the torso and quickly disappears.
Br3. Will save from bullets Yarygin pistol with a bare steel core, as well as AK-74 and AKM bullets with a non-heat-strengthened steel core. They mainly use collection services.
Br4. Stops a bullet with a heat-strengthened core from an AKM or AK-74 assault rifle. The weapon against which such armor protects is rarely used in Russia. But if the threat comes from a military or criminal authority, it is better to choose a bulletproof vest of this particular class of protection.
Br5. Relevant in case there is a fear or accurate information that the killer will shoot from a sniper rifle. Such a weapon is rarely used – it is difficult to move around the city with it, it is not easy to hit the target from it, moreover, the attacker will have to choose a suitable place for a shot, and this is also quite difficult to do. That is why the Br5 body armor is used in exceptional cases.
The higher the class, the greater threats can be avoided. But does this mean that the best option is to buy a Br5 body armor and wear it to protect yourself from any weapon? No. Because besides the protection class, there are other factors to consider.

Bullet-proof vests of Br1 and Br2 classes weigh on average from 1.0 to 2.5 kg, Br5 – more than 9 kg. Wearing heavy armor is tiring, especially if you have to do it all the time. In addition, with some diseases, wearing weights every day for 8-10 hours can be dangerous. In such cases, it is recommended to buy two bulletproof vests and wear a reinforced one if it becomes known about an impending assassination attempt or if a trip to a dangerous place is ahead.

Protection area:
In the manufacture of armor Br1 and 2 classes use soft materials that fit the body. Due to this, such bulletproof vests cover not only the stomach and back, but also the collarbones and sides. Their advantage is a large area of ​​protection.

Models of the Br5 class are made using composite ceramic panels. This is a tough material, it does not fit the body, so such body armor protects only the back and chest. On average, their protection area is 2-2.5 times less than that of 1-2 class Br models. If an attack with a knife or a shot from a TT pistol, Nagant, PM, Stechkin automatic pistol is most likely, you need to choose a bulletproof vest Br2. In such a situation, he will protect better than the model of the Br5 class – not only will he stop a bullet and a knife, but also save if the attacker hits the side or collarbone.

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