7 Best Tourist Places in Manama?

Manama, the modern capital of Bahrain has been a center of trade routes since time immemorial. Its famous museum showcases antiques and artifacts from ancient civilizations that flourished in the region of Bahrain. The city thrives on handwoven fabric, spices, and world-famous pearls. To book tickets to Manama, Visit United Airlines official site right away!

Bahrain National Museum

Bahrain National Museum always tops the list of tourist attraction sites in Bahrain. It is located near the King Faisal Highway, worth $30 million, this museum is monumentally extravagant and the oldest which expands more than 27,000 square meters. It was opened that dates back to 5,000 years. Filled with archeological artifacts, Quranic scripts, and astronomical notes, it’s definitely a paradise for people who wish to engage in some culture and history while traveling. The museum also has Durant Stone, Babylonian era sculptures, and two halls that depict Bahrain’s pre-industrial era.

Wahoo! Water Park

Wahoo water park is for everyone, age is not a limit here! Manama’s wahoo is a park that spans up to 15,000 square ft inside the city center of Bahrain. It is definitely a whole day’s event. Water slides, fun wave pools, relaxing slow river to just bask in the sun, and soothing heated pool for getting rid of our stress. Kids love to spend hours inside the water park as it’s full of exciting rides and showers. This water park is a must-visit if you are traveling with your family.

Coral Bay

You cannot miss out on the coral bay, when in Manama. You can engage in activities that are arranged by the bay to enjoy the sight of hidden pearls below the bay. Activities like water skiing, jet skiing, banana boats, and of course options of diving are available here. 

Janabiya Royal Camel Farm

The camels in Janabiya Royal Camel are bred as a hobby and are not used for racing or any other activities.600 camels roam in the farms, and the visitors are allowed to walk in and witness these beautiful animals in their natural state.

La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art

La Fontaine is a center of COntemporary art that is 150 years old and resides at the heart of Manama. It has contemporary art galleries for people who love to enjoy some art, an open-air amphitheater, fine dining, and a dance studio.

The place gives a European aesthetic to the visitor as it resembles a grand chateau but not forgetting the Gulf Islamic architectural hint

Gold City

Gold City is where Manama will shine and will have a magnetic effect on you so that you visit at least once. It has a soothing marble and glass appearance and is filled with jewelry glitter with gold and diamonds inside the complex.

Take a historical tour

Manama has a lot of history and architecture that is worth praising. From its grand mosques to its forts. The tourists love to spend their days navigating through the city so that no spot is missed. The tours will usually take you to Al Fateh Mosque, Arad Fort wildlife, Bahrain Circuit and so many more. Some of these tours extend outside the city also but it does not fail to give a glimpse of Manama’s deep-rooted heritage.

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