Best Special Honeymoon Travel Places In Medellin

Medellin, if there ever was a city brimming with twenty-first-century hope, it’s it. With such a pleasant, mild climate and a cosmopolitan vibe, this 3.5 million-strong city – Colombia’s second-largest after Bogotá – hasn’t always had it simple. 

Obviously, a lot has changed in a quarter-century, and that’s no longer the city where the notorious narco-trafficker Pablo Escobar once reigned supreme. Medellin, on the other hand, is bursting at the seams with things to do for all forms of travellers and packs a punch much greater than many of the other cities its size. Delta Airlines official site will help you to travel to such places at a reasonable cost. 

  1. Plaza Botero and the Museum of Antioquia

Fernando Botero, a hometown hero, contributed 23 of his larger-than-life sculptures to the city of Medellin, which can be found in the appropriately called Plaza Botero (near the ParqueBerrio metro station).

These portly figures, which range from rotund Roman legionaries to overpacked animals, have become symbols of downtown Medellin and are undoubtedly Colombia’s best-photographed pieces of art. Their juxtaposition to Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture’s ornate black-and-white patterns only adds to the overall appeal. 

The Museum of Antioquia has even more of Botero’s work, including well-known artworks including La Muerte de Pablo Escobar (Pablo Escobar’s Death). This three-story facility situated on the western edge of Plaza Botero is the country’s second-oldest museum. It includes a variety of painting, from pre-Columbian Colombia to modern masters such as Botero. This is the museum to visit if you have time in Medellin. Delta airlines reservations are the best option for you as they offer pleasant travel. 

2. The Medellin Metrocable

Medellin is located in a large Andean bowl, but the easiest way to see the scenery is to travel by bus to the Medellin Metrocable.

These sleek cable cars soar over the city and into the nearby mountains, providing unparalleled viewpoints ideal for tourists.

Taking Line L up to Arvi Park, an urban oasis of green hills which feels a world away from downtown is a more common activity. With peaceful walking trails with plenty of food and craft vendors to fulfil your daily needs, this vast park is the ideal getaway for nature lovers. Delta airlines flight Booking is available online, and you can book it from their official website. 

3. The Coffee Shops of El Poblado

Colombia produces the world’s third-largest amount of caffeine, with much of the beans coming from the Antioquia hills surrounding Medellin. Of course, you don’t have to leave the city to sample Colombian coffee’s distinctive flavours. The popular El Poblado neighbourhood is a hotbed of coffee culture, with a slew of cool cafés serving up robust local roasts.

Café Velvet is right across the road, and Urbania Café is now on the far side of the neighbourhood (and much closer to the El Poblado metro stop), with rotating art galleries on the walls and a huge variety of Colombian design and fashion journals to read with your latte. Delta airlines tickets are available at different rates, and you can check them as per your requirement. 

4. Comuna 13

Comuna 13 was once Medellin’s most violent neighbourhood. By tour groups walking through the graffiti-filled roads, it’s quickly becoming one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions.

Most of those escalator operators are also local artists who have painted vibrant murals along the escalator route representing the neighbourhood’s complicated history and give optimism for the future. 

5. Guatapé

This can be difficult to leave Medellin as there is so much to get out and do. Fortunately, one of the most popular tourist destinations is located 90 kilometres outside of town. The monolithic rock formation El Peón de Guatapé rises 200 metres above the surrounding landscape.

If you climb the 750 concrete stairs to the summit, you’ll be rewarded with 360-degree views of the Guatapé Reservoir, an artificial lake with several tentacles lined with holiday homes and resorts. Before huffing it back to the bottom, cool off at the viewing platform, which has plenty of drink vendors and shaded tables.

6. MAMM: Medellín Museum of Modern Art

The Ciudad del Rio neighbourhood, a former industrial area all along Medellin River, has been gentrified in recent years but is now home to artists’ lofts, sculpture-filled parks, and top-tier dining, is without a doubt the star attraction of the up-and-coming Ciudad del Rio neighbourhood.

MAMM, which is housed inside (and all-around) the refurbished confines of a 1939 steel mill, features a few of Colombia’s most well-known contemporary artists, such as Beatriz González and expressionist DéboraArango.

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