Types of Different Cookers Available in the Market

From 1830 when the first cooker was invented, cookers became the most useful appliance in our kitchen cabinet. Because it has the ability to boil, roast & bake from the same heat source.

In addition to its usability, purchasing a new cooker is an important decision, especially since you will own it for a long time.Every year, there are innovations in cookers designed to meet household and business needs.

Changing requirements of society are the reason why modern-day cookers are so different from the old ones. Current cookers, for instance, are easy to clean, use less energy, cook faster, and provide more safety features.

Choosing the Best Cooker in the UK (United Kingdom) makes it more hustle for people who want to buy a cooker, which can fulfill their requirement, as there are many options available.

When choosing a new cooker, there is a lot to consider. There are many types of cookers that you can pick from, but the type you choose may depend upon your kitchen’s fuel type, whether it’s gas, electric, or dual-fuel with gas and an electric which is available in the UK.

Apart from this, the fuel efficiency of the cooker should be considered. The capacity of the cooker is another important thing that usually counts in liters with easy cleaning functionality. 

Types of different cookers available in the market

  • Electric ceramicCooker- Heating systems for electric ceramic cookers are hidden beneath the glassy ceramic surface. The pattern of the glass surface indicates the size and location of the heat source. An overheating protection device keeps the device from overheating. They are popular because of their smooth, easy-to-clean surface. Cooking on gas produces a better heat distribution around the bottom of the pan, but this does not apply to electric pans.
  • Gas Cooker- The advantages of gas cookers are numerous. You can turn the knob and they cool off immediately. They do not stay warm for as long as electric models do. Gas cookers also produce powerful heat, so they’re ideal for stir-frying. When using a gas cooker, most people find that the temperature can be easily controlled. However, you have to be very active while using a gas cooker. Otherwise, the food might burn on the edges.
  • Induction Cooker – Through spiral coils beneath the glass surface, an induction cooker directly heats the pan by transferring energy to the pan. Until a pan based on iron is placed on the coil, the glass itself does not need to get hot while cooking. When the pan is removed from the cooker, it cools down, reducing the chance of burns. Due to their ease of use, responsiveness, energy efficiency, and ease of cleaning, induction cookers are gaining popularity.
  • Dual Fuel Cooker (electric/ gas)-The dual fuel cooker has a gas cooktop in addition to an electric oven. The design is geared toward those who wish to utilize both fuel sources. A dual fuel cooker may be the best option for someone who has a passion for cooking. Cookers such as these are extremely stylish. Rather than just adding to the visual appeal of your kitchen, they can transform it into a visual delight. The downside of this device is that the installation costs could be above average.

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