Ways That Kids Can Benefit By Participating In Writing Competitions

An audience is important for writers of all ages. The best way to gain an audience is by entering a writing competition. Writing contests are not just good for adults, but they are also beneficial to kids. It is satisfying when a child gets an award for his/her writing, whether it is a special gift, a change to get their work published, or a cash prize. Here are important reasons why you should encourage children to enter contests.

Offers a Confidence Boost

Your child may not want to enter writing contests because he/she things that he/she is not good enough to be the winner. Your child may also be worried that everybody else is better than him/her. Every parent should encourage his/her child to try anyway because it is a good learning experience. The more your child continues writing, the better his/her writing skills will become. By entering one contest, they will get the confidence to try more competitions.

Provides An Audience

When children enter a writing contest, they will be writing for two types of audiences: the intended and real audiences. The real audience are the people who will read and judge the poem, story, or essay. The intended audience are the people that the student’s writing aims to address. They could be senior citizens, children, teenagers, mothers, elected officials, and many more.

When you write with an audience in mind, your writing will be clear and precise. Every writing contents necessitates students to keep a specific audience into perspective and this helps them to improve their skills. Every parent and teacher should encourage children to enter various contests that have different audiences and themes.

Fosters Creativity and Imagination

When preparing a piece for writing competitions, kids will have to engage in creative writing. This helps them to exercise their creative minds and they can practice how to use their imaginations. In addition, it enhances their ability to come up with new alternatives. This helps to broaden the thought processes and this can result in lots of success in different areas such as analysis and problem solving.


Most children will have challenges understanding or expressing how they really feel. Through writing, kids have a safe place where they can explore and express their feelings. You can always know about children and their imaginations through their writing. This is why you should encourage kids to take part in competitions.

Add Some Thrill To Their Everyday Routine

Most kids take part in writing classes to improve their grades at school. However, they tend to get burnt out after studying for a few days. This everyday routine can be easily combated by ensuring that children take part in writing contests. The thrill of writing competitions can do wonders to children instead of having to practice endlessly for exams.

Create lifetime Memories

Most people treasure memories they make in school, for instance, winning a basketball match with your high school team or playing drama with friends. A writing contest provides children with a great opportunity to create many treasurable memories. Whether the child wins the competition or not, they will still remember the whole process with so much fondness.

Participating in competitions can do a lot for your child. Children will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, they may get some life-changing wins such as meeting an author or get a chance to publish their writing or a book. With all these benefits, it is best for children to enter as many writing competitions as they can.

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