Weight Loss Strategies that Most Likely Lead to Weight Gain.

So as of now, if you have stopped drinking your favorite sodas and enjoying ice cream sundaes at the weekend, the weight might have started falling off. In actuality, this is not enough! There is a lot more you need to go along with it. And, if you have signed up for an annual gym membership and you are ready to burn some extra calories, you must be expecting to shed pounds at a faster rate. 

Amidst all the rage of how to lose weight, Bulimia has been a widespread practice. So is it a fact or just fiction? Read on to know more. According to the health and fitness experts, the core approach of Bulimia is all about throwing up, exercising excessively, consuming laxatives, or limiting the food intake in several ways. Yes, an individual may have to compensate for bingeing, overeating, or breaking dietary rules. Overall, knowing how to lose weight by throwing up and practicing, it is not that much validated. 

How does that make sense? Well, to make it more clear, here we have listed a few of the highly adopted Bulimia strategies that lead to weight gain. Take a look. 

Willingly Vomiting 

Perhaps, self-induced vomiting is the most popular method that comes in the row. However, several research studies have depicted that if an individual throws up very often after overeating, his body has already absorbed around 50-70% of the calories eaten. This means that pragmatically the number of calories absorbed after throwing up is most likely going to more when compared with the calorie count you would have soaked up. Over time, lower blood sugar levels increase the urge to consume more and more food rich in starch and sugar. And yes, an individual can have things out of control, leading to weight gain and shaky appetite. 

Exercising Outrageously 

Undoubtedly, this weight loss practice may seem more of a pleasant type. Yes, it is typically considered as a far better practice as compared to the rest. On top of it, we have always been told that exercise is good for us as human bodies are designed to move and act. This is why it has plenty of benefits to offer on the plate. However, when it comes to exercising over the board, many of you may think, is it right enough or not? 

Well, science has always counted over exercising a lousy practice, mostly when an individual follows a bingeing or over-eating regimen. This can pose serious health issues that can disturb your physical well-being in the long run. 

Consumption of Laxatives 

Most of the individuals across the globe believe that they can control their weight using laxatives. However, the actual part is that laxatives work in the low digestive tract, and by that point, most of the food is absorbed. Remember, weight loss is generally caused by water loss and comes back once the body is re-hydrated. Hold on! Do not be tempted to avoid rehydration to lose weight as it can pose serious health complications. 

Weight Loss Potions and Pills 

We can generally catch an insight into many weight loss pills and teas. There are significantly fewer chances that these supplements may lead to weight loss, and that too because of the placebo effect. The reality is that such pills and potions have little or no impact, or either the achieved results are unsustainable. 


Entirely similar to the laxatives, diuretics is another practice that is followed by individuals who are keen about knowing how to lose weight. It usually occurs with the water loss in the body and arrives back once you consume any drink/beverage. However, diuretics have zero effect on calorie consumption. A common side effect this practice brings is the dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, it can hold onto water content. This contributes to weight gain and leaves an individual with a feeling of discomfort, constipation, or bloating. The worst it can do is that it can trigger bingeing. 

Ultimately, the truth behind knowing how to lose weight by throwing up is that it is merely counterproductive and restrictive. Instead of losing or gaining weight, it only makes your overall value more variable and uncontrollable. So, maybe now is the time to take a break from this and adapt to something healthy, result-oriented, and doable.

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