Which are the Top 6 Prohibited Activities During Board Exams?

We always discuss about various DOs for the upcoming board exams. This time we would change the track. Let’s discuss about most important DON’Ts to be obeyed to get into the best board exam preparations through CBSE question bank for class 10 and related practice material. Just as we have to follow some tips to score excellent marks in the exams, we need to follow some restrictions too. To know what are they, let’s have a look at the below list.

  1. Avoid unhealthy food

If you eat unhealthily, it would hamper your physical as well as mental fitness. Your dedicated exam practice through various study materials and the latest CBSE Science question bank for class 10 or others would be castoff if you have the habit of eating unhealthy food like too much fried food items, junk food and fast food like pizza, burger, etc. Also, intake of such food would result in too much indigestion, drowsiness as well as laziness. All this would delay your study schedules tremendously. So eat healthily and at regular intervals.

  1. No new shows/series

You will get ample days to enjoy several TV shows post board exams. So do not start a new show or TV series at the moment. Your studies will suffer a lot if you do not obey this tip. One, you will waste time in watching the show, and second, you may often think of it while studying. So why let a TV show hamper your board exam practice that you do with the support of the most relevant and latest CBSE Science question bank for class 10 and likewise.

  1. No postponement

Delaying any subject or topic would further delay the entire syllabus completion process. So just say a big ‘NO’ to the postponement. Enlist all the topics to be completed in the specific time allotted to each subject along with its practice through the best CBSE question bank for class 10 and adhere to the time limit. Only then you can complete the entire CBSE syllabus before board exams.

  1. Do not avoid bathing

Do not feel hesitant reading this. You must be the one who assumes bathing would waste a lot of study time. Quite the reverse, not bathing for days would make you feel lethargic all the time and the sense of freshness will be missing while you occupy yourself with the exam practice through excellent practice material like the latest Together with CBSE question bank for class 10. So you better have a bath every day and feel energized.

  1. Do not tab your phone all the time

Either keep your mobile phone at an isolated place or switch it off while you study and practice for your exam through relevant practice material like CBSE question bank 2021. To be more precise, never keep checking your phone while you’re indulged in studying for the board exams else lack of concentration may create a big problem in the exams.

  1. Do not be the jack of all trades

If you have a lot of syllabus left to be covered for practice, do not ever mess it up by setting a mission of completing the entire course within an hour or two. Go step by step and immediately buy the latest CBSE question bank 2021. A good practice through this question bank would automatically settle the chaos, which was otherwise beyond your control. You need to understand that your brain has a specific consuming capacity and overburdening it would be highly problematic for you. So instead of being the jack of all trades, you better learn & practice how much your brain capacity allows, and do not forget to buy the latest Together with CBSE question bank 2021 for smooth practice.

Along with the above-listed DON’Ts, do not lose your cool and score excellently in exams by buying the best CBSE question bank for class 10.

Good luck!

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