6 Best Tourist Places in Liberia?

Liberia is full of stunning resorts, beaches, uninhabited islands, famous cultural and historical places, sanctuaries for animals, ecological sightseeing areas, waterfalls, vibrant markets, and many more. To book tickets to Liberia, contact southwest airlines reservations .

Ecolodge Libassa

Ecolodge Libassa is the ideal spot for a relaxed day out in nature. As a relatively low paradise, Libassa has stunning beaches, exotic botanical gardens, and a range of native and tropical flowers. The resort is situated on a virgin lagoon intersection, and there are numerous exclusive beach-tourist events such as fishing, canoeing, and tanning on the beach. Located in the highest point of the resort is the Love Birds Nest. It is a house with a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean, the lagoon, the woodland, and swimming pools. 

East Nimba Reserve

Visit the Nimba reserve for a host of exciting excursions. Due to its special geographical and climatic location, you can find one of the essential diversities for flora and fauna in West Africa. The reserve, which has an astonishing number of single-site endangered plants, is abundant in the plant population. By hiking to the top of Nimba, you will have a whole fantastic view of the entire forest. This perspective offers you the chance to see and watch eagles fly over Guinea and the Ivory Coast.

Sapo National Park

Sapo National Park is Liberia’s first national park, situated in the southeast of Sinoe County. The second-largest component of Western Africa’s predominant tropical rainforest is the residual portion of the High-Guinean forest biome. The Pygmy Hippos, woodland Elephants, and other rare birds and mammals have been observed in several rare species in the park.

Wongan Waterfall

As the shocked wonders of Liberia, the waterfall of Wongan, approx. 50 to 60 m high reveals an incredible elegance in the spray, the quiet island under the waterfall, and its thunderous sound. The wongan is open to tourists all year long and includes a park packed with rain forests and a wide range of flora and fauna that specifically belong to the region. The waterfall of Wongan is a unique location with incredible beauty, exciting events, or a place to bask in the silence. visit the Southwest Airlines official site.

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