Plan to Visit San Pedro Sula City with Spirit Airlines

San Pedro Sula is the second-largest city in Honduras in the north of Honduras and definitely an oasis for enthusiasts of adventure. To book tickets to San Pedro Sula, contact Spirit airlines reservations .

What to do in San Pedro Sula

You can find wonderful markets in San Pedro Sula and the nearby towns. Crafts like leather, textiles, silver, jewelry, etc., can be purchased. San Pedro Sula provides a lot of day trips. You can stroll through the National Park of Cusuco. Visit the cellars of Taulabe and the waterfalls of Pulapanzak. Take a cruise trip on Lake Yohoa and Swim on the exotic beaches of Punta Sal National Park. 

In June, the city celebrates its establishment. The town begins a long month carnival called Feria Juniana around this period, also known as the June Fair. Throughout the month, there is a fleet parade around the area, a Honduran air force demonstration, and, at times, USAF at Air Base Armando Escalon Espinal near the airport, Campo Aga’s rodeo events, and other similar land-use events at Campo Agas.

Several restaurants came into being in San Pedro. In Cebollines and Fogoncito you can eat Mexican food, and Tre Fratelli, Bel Paese, and Dai Santi try authentic Italian food. All famous American fast-food chains are also available in the city. Go to the City Mall food court for a wide range of offerings, both US and Honduran. Power Chicken is another great choice only found in San Pedro Sula. 

There are several bars in San Pedro Sula. La Cava in Barrio Los Andes is a favorite and enjoyable spot to hang out. Nice evenings in karaoke and even live music on weekends are available. A wide variety of music is available to enjoy your night. Try attending a nearby disco for a little more local color and mood. The most popular nights are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Most discotheques except Monday are open every night. 

Best time to visit San Pedro Sula

San Pedro can be visited during two peak seasons. The first comes from December to February as people come to the city to avoid the cold temperatures, the second is the summer holidays from June to August.  The rainy season is July-November, and hence there’s a less tourist crowd visiting  Spirit Airlines Official Site .


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