6 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate


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Chocolate is considered as a very indulging treat because many people deeply enjoy its aromatic flavor. Chocolate treats are very common and we see it almost at every party and celebration. It is not only delicious but also has many health benefits. If you eat chocolate in moderation then it will surely improve your health in many different ways. 

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Check out below the top benefits of chocolate. 

  1. Keep Heart Healthy 

Lots of studies have proved that the flavonoids present in chocolate are very helpful in improving the health of veins and arteries. It has seen that consuming dark chocolate a week reduces the risk of a heart attack.  The risk is reduced by about 37% while the chance of getting a stroke is reduced by 29% in many people who consume chocolate in moderation. 

  1. Improve Memory 

Elderly people who eat chocolate high in cocoa extracts with flavanols greatly improve their cognitive function. The only trouble with the right consumption of chocolate is that the percentage of those cocoa flavanols gets reduced a lot due to the addition of eggs, sugar and milk, and processing as well.

  1. Avoid Sunburn 

One study conducted in London also proved that consuming chocolate with a high flavanol helps people to effectively handle the double the amount of UV light on their skin. Even this double amount of UV does not create any burn as compared to those on lower doses.

  1. Improves Math 

Many people are never good at math in school. Maybe they should have eaten dark chocolate. According to the very famous research of Professor David Kennedy, dark chocolate is very effective in improving math. Participants were given 500 mg of flavanols in a hot cocoa drink. Then it was observed that the blood flow to the brain increased and that leads to better mathematical ability.

  1. Better Mood 

Changing the bad mood and turning it into a good mood has never been so easy and delicious. A proven study at the University of Swinburne has shown the positive effects of chocolate in improving mood. Again the cocoa polyphenols component puts a highly beneficial effect on the mood of the participants by making them happier and calmer than before. 

  1. Lower Cholesterol Level

The Journal of Nutrition shows the results of a study done to prove that dark chocolate helps in lowering LDL cholesterol levels. It was observed that people who consume dark chocolate with plant sterols and flavanols show a dramatic decrease in their high blood pressure.

On the Ending Note 

So, you must buy a dark chocolate box now and start eating it daily. You can get many options of good Italian chocolate online by simply searching where to buy baci chocolate. Baci Italian chocolate and Italian hazelnut chocolate is the best-quality chocolates that you must try.

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