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Plastic surgery was first introduced as a revolutionary medical treatment to rectify various physically visible abnormalities of the human body. With the significant evolution in medical science, it is now widely used to serve cosmetic purposes. Nowadays, you can see cosmetic surgery clinics more than reconstructive surgery. These clinics serve you with countless surgeries meant for improving overall appearance only. The ratio of ladies looking for these surgeries is much higher than men’s. They are highly concerned about their beauty, especially from the facial perspective. A proficient surgeon of cosmetic works will offer you the following treatments. 

Most popular cosmetic surgeries to expect from a proficient surgeon

 1. Rhinoplasty

This is a nose surgery to improve facial appearance by customizing both nasals according to the wish of a client. Sometimes, it is also necessary if a person is facing difficulty in respiration. Most of the abnormalities due to accidental damage and birth defects are treatable with this surgery. The experts of cosmetic surgery in Columbia offers four kinds of surgeries in the category of rhinoplasty i.e.

  1. Open rhinoplasty
  2. Close rhinoplasty 
  3. Secondary rhinoplasty 
  4. Filler rhinoplasty

The filler surgery is non-invasive whereas the remaining three are invasive. 

  2. Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is helping elders who are facing the issue of droopy eyes. As you grow old, the collagen protein from skin gradually depletes. Consequently, the skin loses its contour and start sagging. When the skin of eyelids become loose, it results in vision problem and old look. The experts of cosmetic surgery in Baltimore perform blepharoplasty surgery to remove the excess of skin and stitch it perfectly to regain the contour. 

 3. Facelift

Facelift surgery is also meant for people who are growing old and their skin from cheeks and chin is sagging. Also, it is suitable for people who have gained too much fat on the face and nor looking ugly. Facelift surgery is an invasive process in which the surgeon makes an incision in front of the ear and extend it behind the ears to the hairline. After making a safe incision, they lift up the skin including fat and deep muscle tissues. By gently pulling the skin upwards and posterior directions, the face regains its lost contour. Finally, they remove the extra skin and fat to give you a youthful appearance. A cosmetic surgery professional can offer you six different types of facelift options according to the facial condition i.e. 

  1. Mini facelift 
  2. Mid facelift 
  3. Silhouette Insta facelift 
  4. Deep plane facelift 
  5. Ultherapy 
  6. Neck liposuction

4. Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that you can expect from almost every dermatologist clinic. The main objective of liposuction is fat removal from the dermis layer of skin by puncturing a hole. Before using a suction tube to remove the fat, they loosen it with different methods. On the basis of this process, we can divide liposuction into four major types ie. 

  1. Tumescent 
  2. Super-wet
  3. Laser-assist 
  4. Ultrasound-assist 

Always check the certification of a cosmetic surgery clinic before visiting there. When it comes to making customization on your face, a small fault may result in a permanent defect. 

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