6 Reasons Manchester Is the Most Preferred Destination for Studies

For higher education, most students struggle to select the location. They are worried about not picking the right university and place. There are thousands of universities located all over the world. Thus, deciding where to pursue your higher education might be difficult.

 There are many universities in beautiful places. But, if you want a student-friendly city, Manchester is the best example in the UK. It not only has great universities but also offers excellent student housing Manchester.

Manchester has been rightfully named as one of the top eight student destinations in the UK. It provides world-class education and vibrant student life in a bustling metropolis. The city center is young, diversified, and full of character. You will find everything like eateries, taverns, museums, and retail establishments here. If you love to travel, you’ll find beautiful vegetation, market villages, and a ton of adventure.

Here are six reasons why Manchester is a great place to study abroad.

A well-known student city and educational center around the world,

Manchester is the highest-ranked British city after London. Thus, this provides students with a great alternative. The cost of student housing Manchester is lower than in London. Furthermore, the city is home to many prestigious institutions and universities. This provides international students with a variety of possibilities for furthering their education.

It also houses the UK’s largest further education college.

The Manchester College is an exceptional educational institution. It caters to kids aged 16 to 19, as well as adults. This exceptional College is located in this well-liked city. The School provides high-quality degree-level courses. These courses inspire students to do their best. They also help them develop into employable future recruiters. The College offers various courses on 20 different topics. These topics include 

  • Business
  • Professional and Trade Union Education
  • Computing and Information Technology
  • Construction and Engineering, 
  • Science and Medical Sciences, 

and many more.

The Manchester College guarantees an education unlike any other. It also provides an opportunity to increase employment chances long beyond graduation. This is due to its cutting-edge campus structures and locations. The Centres of Excellence and specialty industry facilities also boost this factor.

A memorable educational experience for students

The travel options, enjoying new experiences, and meeting new people are some of the best things about post-secondary study. You can make new friends from all over the world. You also have the chance to learn about different cultures. Manchester is known for its diverse community and global environment. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t go out very much, you’ll still enjoy a fantastic student experience here.

The School also provides many enrichment programs for students to take part in. These range from performing arts to sports to the student council. You can expect a lot of fun and the opportunity to pick up some valuable life skills along the road. Furthermore, the College provides good public transportation between campuses. The transportation facilities also extend to and from many different regions. Thus, traveling to College from your student accommodation will be a breeze.

The city is so fantastic that it boasts not one but TWO football teams!

Manchester City and Manchester United are the most well-known football clubs worldwide. These two teams play regularly. Thus, as an international student, you will have many opportunities to attend a match. You can attend matches at either Old Trafford or Etihad Stadium. These clubs also offer an enticing tour. You can see the arena, meet the players, and learn about the club’s competitive past in this tour. 

The best of both worlds 

ester is a city with it all, from a busy nightlife and stylish bars to a rich heritage and a robust cultural scene. You need not travel far from your Student Accommodation Manchester to enjoy the nightlife. The city has many unique attractions for art and history buffs. These include:

  • the John Rylands Library
  • Manchester Cathedral
  • Manchester Art Gallery
  • The Imperial War Museum North

To name a few.

The city offers a diverse selection of eateries and cafes that will leave you wanting more for a night out. 

Students can go on a scenic tour of the countryside.

This isn’t simply a vibrant metropolis that will keep you occupied on weekends. Manchester also has beautiful scenery that begs to be explored. So gather your friends and head to one of the Manchester walks. Spend a day exploring the city’s beautiful lakes and wooded parks. If you need a break from the city, take a stroll on one of the many walking routes. This is also a terrific group activity.

You’ll be happy to name this fantastic spot your home away from home because it has so much to offer. With the amazing student housing Manchester availability, you will not have to worry about your accommodations. If you choose Manchester College, you’ll get more than an excellent education.

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