How to Select the Right Laminate for Offices & Home?

Laminates are a significant element often used in interior design. They embellish the surfaces with superior finishing and make interior designs easy and cost-effective. Wood laminates are durable thin sheets of substrates and adhesives that are often used for flooring and coating furniture. So, it is a really lucrative option since it protects the furniture from abrasions, water, and termite infestation, at the same time giving an attractive look to them.

Things to consider before choosing the right laminate for your offices and home.

Thickness of laminate 

The laminate thickness is an important aspect, since it aligns with the durability of the laminate. The laminate thickness gives room for better designs and etches on its surface. The thickness is further related to the sound of the laminate. A thin laminate emits a sharp sound, not absorbing much sound. This non-absorption can cause echoes in rooms and halls. So, consult an interior designer to get a better perspective over the type of laminate that suits the purpose.

Color of laminate

When doing interior decor, the first thing that needs to be addressed is the laminate color. The laminate color is a distinguishing factor since different color tones depict different feelings and vibes. So, it is important that you choose the color which fits your needs. If you are choosing a laminate for your woodwork, then it must match the colors of the wall laminates. In areas such as the kitchen, you can add contrasting colors along with customized laminates that have food items and utensils engraved on them. This will add variety to your choice of laminates and will also be a substitute for colors. Merinolam laminates give you the liberty to choose from their wide range of catalogs of colors. Furthermore, you can use creative 3D color patterns on wall laminates in the hallways and corridors to add depth and vibrancy into the background. Merino helps you choose the best laminate depicting the right colors, thus transforming your home and office into a beautiful place where you can feel productivity and ease.

Define your budget

While considering laminates, it is very important to set your budget. You need to have a clear budget plan to choose the right laminate which suits your current needs. Moreover, you can even play around with different laminates to see which one is the right laminate within your budget for a particular furnishing. You can try different laminates with different costs (based on their size, width, and thickness) in different sections of your home and office to make the best out of the laminates. The whole purpose of doing this is to cleverly get the right laminates while accommodating the price within your budget. For instance, you can use laminates with more thickness and better quality material in the woodwork of the kitchen to ensure water, oil, and abrasion resistance. You can cut down on the expenses and accommodate the laminate cost in alignment with your budget by using low-cost laminates in bedrooms and halls. Merino laminates’ price is affordable and has been designed with the perspective to sustain every type of budget. The laminates being affordable has been made with the purpose to add variety in your home and office at pocket-friendly prices without compromising on the quality of the laminate.

Merino laminates have been the trademark of manufacturing, and we’ve been serving our customers with the best laminates in India. If you are new to interior designing and need guidance to select the right laminate for your home, consider every single factor right from the aesthetics to budget; then consult us for comprehensive insights in deciphering the same. Merino laminates have a curated list of the best laminates in place for you to choose from. For more information contact us now.


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