8 Common Things Users Should Know When Their Pcs Are Down

Nobody likes their PC being down even for a second. But there are way too many risks and threats that can make computers face downtime. And when the downtime happens, it’s needless to say that a lot of productivity is lost. However, contrary to popular perception, not all is lost when the system is down and there is always some hope (windows 10 automatic backup).

Even when threats are becoming more complex and more advanced by the day, businesses can still face the downtime of PCs with aplomb and find a way to minimize the losses. They key however is to have knowledge about the risks factors and a broad understanding of the recourse available to mitigate their harms. This will help quickly recover the system no matter how grave the threat is.

So, users should never worry beyond a point and rather focus on collecting information related to downtime of PCs and solutions to dealing with the situation. It’s also important to understand a few aspects when the PC is down as this will help in dealing with the situation better.

You are supposed to know these 8 common things when your PC is down –

1- You can still back up the entire PC on a storage device 

Users should clearly understand that they can still back up the entire PC on a storage device and maintain their usual level of productivity. This piece of information is particularly helpful to those who believe that they can’t have a backup of their PC when a disaster strikes. In fact, it’s possible to back up the entire PC in second even when one is remote.

 2- You can back up the system even when you’re remote

Many of us wrongly believe that a remote back up is not possible. Well, such people should understand that the technology has advanced and today a booted rescue drive can make back up possible even when one is remote. In addition, it’s also possible to use the rescue drive to access the web from the remote basis.

3- Your PC can be run from other system even when it’s down

A booted rescue drive makes it possible to carry a PC virtually anywhere and then run it on any other system. This becomes possible due to the ability of the rescue drive to detect all the hardware on any other PC. It will also make it possible to work on any backup device together with allowing a full-system restore to an internal drive or connected USB drive.

4- Your PC can ensure full ransomware protection

Gone are the days when PCs had absolutely no protection against ransomware attack as the scenario is completely changed now. Today, it’s very much possible to keep a PC protected from any ransomware attack even in situations where hackers lock and encrypt the data. There won’t be any need to pay ransom to get access back as the rescue drive will keep your system shielded.

5- Your PC is never full safe from the threats of viruses and malware

Many users think that installing the best protection software can help them save the PC from the dangers of viruses and malware. They are a bit mistaken as no system can ensure total protection from the ever-evolving virus and malware today. But yes, having a rescue drive can at least make sure that such attacks don’t risk the information, data and files.

 6- Your data is not as safe in the cloud as you believe

The cloud is not as safe an option to store data, files and information as it’s often made out to be. Two of the biggest issues with the cloud include lack of security for data and lack of control over files. Worse still, the community nature of cloud adds more risks to the data as then your information’s safety will also depend on others’ ethics and behavior.

7- Your PC can face downtime due to software or hardware failure as well

Forget about external sources, your PCs or systems, or any network or server may also face downtime due to software or hardware failure as well. No matter how much quality you get with the hardware or software, you can never be sure about them as they might break down anytime without any notice. To avoid such situation, it’s always important to have a proper backup plan as this will keep safe all the data and files should any disaster strikes.

8- You can have real-time data back

Real-time data backup is a reality but still a lot of users don’t believe this to be true. This has been made possible due to the booted rescue drive as it has the ability to back up all files, data and information as and when there is any change at the source. This is an excellent feature and users can benefit a great deal from it (Ransomware Data Recovery).

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