Why Smartphones Are The Core of Human Interaction – Not Just Part Of Our Daily Lives

The technology that most smartphones have in the present day should be ideally used to enhance us, rather than to affect us. This is easier said than done, as smartphones do enhance us, or enhance the way we live, but they affect us too. 

For some, their smartphone is as dear as life itself. Everything that people are, their whole identities — so to speak, are packed into a small device, carried everywhere. Mobile manufacturing in India has caught on to this, and now many Indian and global companies manufacture smartphones in India. Furthermore, numerous Chinese smartphone brands have considered it conducive to set up shop in India. Why? First, labour is cheap. Second, the Indian smartphone market is booming, especially in the budget and mid-range segments. 

Technology and Biology

The debate of how technology interacts with our biology is perennial. It is more crucial than ever with the advancements made in smartphone technology. Smartphones have changed humans and human interaction in a basic way. While being described as the culprits that destroy attention span, wreck sleep patterns, and adversely affect eyesight, they are vital to our core. Human beings, by their very nature, are curious creatures, always seeking information. 

Smartphones have made information accessible to us in an easy and convenient way. What’s more, new information is literally at our fingertips. We don’t even have to exert pressure; all we have to do is lightly touch our smartphone screens. If we’ve stored data, the work we have to do is even less! Upcoming 5G phones are already in India, and they will make our attainment of information even faster. 

Interaction with Others

Taking our desire to attain information a step further, once we get the information (in less than a few seconds), what do we do with it? Since humans innately love to be with other people, the next thing to do with a smartphone is to share information. 

This could be information about something we’ve read on the internet, like a news article, or a photo we’ve taken. It could be sharing just about anything that we’d like  friends to be a part of. Upcoming 5G phones have all the rapid technology to do this, and will run speeds akin to the current Wi-Fi networks or faster, so when you share, you get responses faster. That’s another thing about human beings; we are always itching to know what others think of us. Maybe it’s the innate need for attention or approval that gets us going. 

The Core of Our Being

Let’s ask ourselves a basic question. When you compare smartphone technology to other technology that has altered our existence — for instance, take everything from cars to antibiotics — do we think that smartphones affect us at our core as humans? And especially where interaction with other humans and inter-relationships are concerned? Experts say “yes”.

For starters, you cannot remove the internet, social media, and email from the essence of a smartphone. Think of how you’d live without having those in your pocket, at the drop of a hat. Smartphones have had the most intense effect when it comes to these aspects of human life. 

This profound impact is largely due to the fact that this technology connects with our core as human beings. Furthermore, it does so in the real world, and in real time as well. It does this all the time. Upcoming 5G phones like the new iPhones by Apple and the new Samsung smartphones are at the heart of human behaviour, combining the best technology with the best we have within us as human beings. 

Human Interaction for Young and Old

Rest assured, the world is a much smaller, and more connected place, because more people find it easier to interact across vast oceans and deserts. Social animals as we are, we can’t help but take advantage of what the smartphone has to offer. Mobile manufacturing in India has made it easy for Indians to get their hands on great affordable smartphones, which incidentally come with the new 5G technology. For the youth, this means faster internet access and presence on social media platforms that is their lifeblood. For older folks, it means connecting with loved ones.

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