A Checklist of Office Cleaning Tasks on Daily, Weekly and Monthly Basis


After all the digitalization, you still have piles of paperwork in your office. Some people say that they can work in an unorganized environment as well. However, when you have a messy desk, you cannot even keep track of your work. A messy desk means inefficiency and poor performance. Your clients expect professionalism. They want a safe and clean space to sit and discuss their requirements. One mislabelled document can put your reputation at stake. Or, you are unable to find an important printed document on time that may lead to unnecessary delay. Therefore, hire office cleaning services in Dallas to keep your office clean and organized. This will help you build clients’ trust and make your staff more productive. 

How often should you hire office cleaning services in Dallas or clean your office on your own?

Daily Cleaning 

You don’t need to hire an office cleaning company for daily cleaning. You don’t want your daily business to be disrupted. Find a night cleaning services company if you want to take advantage of professional cleaning services every day. 

A typical office desk has 10 million bacteria. Therefore, to keep your office dirt- and bacteria-free, you must clean your office on a regular basis without using harsh chemicals. Clean before or after working hours. 


  • Clean desk. 
  • Store all the finished documents. 
  • Empty rubbish bins. 
  • Dust office furniture and equipment. 
  • Wipe sinks and toilet seats. 
  • Clean the comfort room. 
  • Clean entrance doors, mirrors and windows. 
  • Clean counter, sinks, chairs and tables in the break room. 
  • Clean floor tiles. 
  • Mop and disinfect the floor. 

Weekly Cleaning 

You need to put some serious efforts into weekly cleaning. You better let a professional cleaning company do it for you.  


  • Polish and buff tabletops, floors and other hardwood surfaces.
  • Clean the inside and outside windows surfaces.  
  • Dust air conditioners, ceiling fans, baseboards and other movables. 
  • Dust fixtures. 
  • Sanitize laptops and computers. 
  • Remove spoiled food and clean the refrigerator. 
  • Disinfect all the appliances. 
  • Vacuum carpets and mats. 
  • Scrub tiles and sinks in the comfort room and break room 
  • Reorganize documents.

Monthly Cleaning 

It takes time and effort to clean and maintain an office. You need to prevent bacterial growth in your office. Monthly cleaning is important to provide a disease-free environment to your employees. Monthly cleaning requires experience and special tools. 


  • Vacuum office furniture.  
  • Vacuum vents. 
  • Replace textile materials such as cushion covers and curtains.  
  • Dust and disinfect cabinets, ceilings, windows and other hard surfaces. 
  • Declutter your office.  
  • Get rid of unnecessary documents and files. 
  • Update records. 

Emergency Cleaning 

Sometimes you need immediate help to clean your office, for example, after an earthquake. It can also be a health crisis like COVID-19. Therefore, you need to give your office deep cleaning and sanitization. 


Having an unorganized office does not send a good message about your business. Bacteria and viruses can cause illness that can even spread from one person to another. A poorly ordered office has a negative effect on employee productivity. So, hire the best cleaning company for deep office cleaning.

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