You Can Now Get CBD Gummies in Vegan!


You must be living under a rock if you have not heard of CBD! At this point, even my granny knows about CBD and all its magical properties. In fact, she is even using it for her arthritis and many of those aches and pains that come with old age. It’s been working incredibly well for her. Though the trick to getting her and all my other family members to trying CBD – CBD gummies! I had been wanting them to try CBD for some time for all their many different ailments, but they were all totally put off by the bitter taste of the hemp. Thank goodness though, as the market has matured and interest in CBD has skyrocketed so too has the selection of CBD products available to us all. Meaning we now have CBD gummies and whatsmore even CBD gummies are vegan! 


In this article I want to explain why I think CBD gummies are so great and which is my favourite brand for CBD gummies vegan


CBD edibles, like gummies, are one of the most popular ways to take CBD as they perfectly mask the underlying hemp taste with something far more delicious! This could be anything really –  any sweet treat or savoury snack that has had CBD infused into it. But, whilst you could just add some CBD oil to anything you are making, it may not always be as effective and so I would suggest leaving it to the professionals. This is because most CBD brands will be using CBD in a form that will bind more effectively with the other ingredients it is being mixed with so that the CBD still has as good an effect when consumed. 


How the CBD interacts with your body depends on the format in which you take the CBD. For example, vaping CBD is by far the most effective way to take CBD as a higher percentage of CBD is absorbed at a quicker speed into the bloodstream. CBD edibles, like gummies, however, take a bit longer to take effect. In an edible, the CBD has to pass through your digestive system before it is absorbed into your bloodstream. Given the long journey the CBD goes on, this is also why less CBD will ultimately be absorbed by the time it is. It is because of this that many brands will suggest when you have a CBD edible, such as a gummy, you suck it rather than chew so that some of the CBD is initially absorbed in the mouth via the sublingual artery under the tongue. 


These days if you are vegan, you thankfully don’t have to miss out on all the fun and this is also true for CBD products. For CBD gummies, it has always been a bit harder to find a vegan alternative to gummies, but now there are options where the gelatin has been substituted out and an alternative ingredient such as agar powder is used to create the gelatinous texture instead.  

My favourite CBD gummies that are vegan are Paso CBD. They are definitely more likely a candy offering a cheeky sweet punch. If you are able to, do also try their non-vegan CBD gummies that are less like a sweet and more like a fruit leather. 


Let me know if you have any other good suggestions for CBD gummies both vegan and not! 


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