Apple Watch Tempered Glass Screen Protector Vs. Plastic Screen Protector

When purchasing a new smartwatch, you are extremely careful and sensitive to it. And when it is an Apple watch, there’s no doubt that you’ll take delicate care of it. You decorate it, handle it like a baby and whatnot. For such care, screen protectors or guards are essential accessories. They protect the watch screens from any damage or scratches. Apple watches tempered glass screen protectors act as a shield to your screens and prevent everyday scratches, skin contact to the screen or any other damage. 


Using a screen protector is opting for an extra layer of protection over your watch’s screen. If you are clumsy enough or keep getting into small accidents, these protectors are especially important for you. Purchase apple watch glass screen protectors and cover up the screen with a reliable screen guard. Spending on a reliable screen protector is the best way to prevent any damages to the watch screen. Hence it allows the longer life of the watch. 


Repairing or replacing a broken or damaged screen can cost you a big amount of money. In contrast, a screen protector, in the beginning, helps you prevent any expensive damages. It’s always better to take the precaution than opening doors to any damage. However, choosing the right iWatch screen protector can be challenging for you. 


Getting hands-on on a bad quality screen protector is risky. It can work reverse to what you expected it to do. There are numerous varieties of these protectors out there that makes it more tricky to choose the right one. This post will tell you everything so that you direct your finger on the right protectors. 

You may have the dilemma of choosing between plastic screen protectors and tempered glass ones. We have made it simple! Let us go through some of the significant factors, including the pros and cons of Apple Watch screen protectors. You will do a smart investment after reading this. 

Plastic Screen Protectors


  • They have a greater lifetime and are more resilient than the materials. If an Apple watch with a plastic screen protector drops on a hard surface, it will not get many scratches.
  • They are reusable and promise long term usage. But to maintain this feature, you need to keep it in a waterproof case. 


  • Plastic iWatch screen protectors are not good at retaining colour, and they get faded over time. They also lose clarity.
  • The scratches on a plastic screen protector are easily visible and affect the aesthetics of your watch. 


Tempered Glass Screen Protectors.


  • They are more expensive than plastic protectors, which undoubtedly offer better quality protection. They are stronger and sturdier than others. 
  • Apple watches tempered glass screen protectors offer an improved usability experience of the smartwatch. It is also easy to maintain. 


  • They can get cracks immediately, and that is why you need to keep them with care. 
  • Apple watches tempered glass screen protectors cannot be reused like plastic ones. You need to throw them and use the new ones. 


These are very few pros and cons of using plastic and tempered glass protectors. It’s up to you to decide which one to choose and at what price. Many stores offer the best-tempered glasses at valuable rates, head on to your favourite store and get the shield for your watch.  

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