Shirts to stock for when the office reopens

Check shirts

Check shirts are a kind of that shirt that can never go out of fashion. This is universal apparel for every man. You must have a few of them in your staple as well. Check shirts can be worn on every occasion and event. Check shirts for men are available in many combinations of vibrant colours. You can always choose the size of checks as well. If you pair a check shirt with your favourite denim it can provide a smart & casual look. If you pair them with solid cotton trousers it can satisfy a perfect semi-formal look as well. Shirts with black checks especially look stylish and smart for semi-formal purposes.

Oxford shirts

This is the primary design for a shirt for men. They come in solid colours with no design pattern or, print or, logo on it. They provide a smart and sophisticated look for men irrespective of the occasion or event. You must have a few of them in your closet as well. This eternal style can never go out of men’s fashion and a man wearing an oxford shirt can never look out of the place. You can pair them with jeans to get a semi-formal look and if you pair them with formal trousers then nothing can look more suitable for your office.

Printed Shirts

Printed shirts are a kind which is quite famous among men for casual encounters. They come with some graphic patterns or images or designs printed on them. Printed shirts for men are available in a wide range of colours though prints on a white base colour looks quite attractive. You can wear these shirts for any casual encounters and even at office parties or weekend office days. They provide a casual yet stylish look for men.

Plain shirts

Plain shirts for men are the true formal wear for all your office purposes. They are available in a wide range of solid colours to choose from. They never flaunt any print or a pattern on them. You can find a small premium logo of the brand on the pocket at the most. They are made to suit any formal occasion. They are made of premium fabric suitable for wearing throughout the day. These shirts for men are perfect to pair with formal blazers. You must have several numbers of plain shirts in your wardrobe exclusively for office purposes. You can find attractive premium plain shirts for men online as well. 

Shirts with mandarin collars

This is kind of a shirt that is like the vegetable potato for Indians. It can go with anything you imagine. You can wear them with types of denim to get a casual look; you can pair them with solid cotton trousers for a semi-casual appearance; you can even wear them with shorts while going for a weekend destination or a mere long weekend drive. They look quite attractive due to their vibrant colours. You can always add a few of them to your staple and can rock the weekend parties with your friends.

Flannel shirts

This is the typical style of shirts for men that have always a separate place in your wardrobe. They come in various prints and patterns but they look best in solid checks. These shirts can be perfect casual wear for men during light winters. You can pair them with your jeans to get a pleasant look and as well as to feel the warmth of flannel. You can tug them if you wear them in single or, you can also use it as an over shirt on your white round neck tee to have a more trendy and casual look. 

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