Travelcard is quite known to people. But travel credit card is quite different from a normal travel card because it shares both the features of a credit card and a prepaid card. While travelling overseas generally, people feel more flexible with travel card as it offers hazardless tour and minimizes the worry of currency exchange.

In past days, a travel card was just like a prepaid card where one can load money from his bank account, and after selecting the currency, it can be transformed to that particular species. Therefore, no worry about payment in other country and it provides the ease of cashless travelling.

But a new-gen travel card comes with an additional facility. Let’s check out what it is all about and its exceptional features and benefits.

What is travel credit card?

By the term travel credit card, I suppose to you can experience what it is all about. Actually, no credit facilities were added to the travel card in past days, enhancing possible fund issues in the traveller’s mind. Moreover, when people stay outside of their country, it is not easy to find bad credit payday loans as they are not the country’s residents.

For these reasons, finance experts add a simple feature to the traveller’s card, i.e. credit facility. It has been observed that when people travel to new places, they would like to collect at least something as a memento of that place. Similarly goes with the overseas tour. Every country has its special thing which carries out the memoir of that particular country.

But due to fund issue, it becomes impossible to shop freely. However, the travel credit card comes with borrowing facility which offers unlimited usage of fund. After buying things on credit, one can quickly repay the borrowing amount via monthly instalments and improve the credit score of that cardholder.

The Main Features of a Travel Credit Card

As mentioned, regular travel cards are not facilitated with the credit facility. Therefore, while selecting one, a person should be very careful. Make sure you have chosen a travel credit card and not a usual travel card. Here is mentioned some features of this card.

  • Charge free usage

Traditional travel card fails to offer charge-free transactions while this new-gen travel card helps reduce extra fees while using this card as a mode of payment. Generally, this type of card provides no additional charges during cash withdrawals, swipe and even borrowing money. One and only fee that needs to pay is processing fees and yearly maintenance charge.

  • The rate of interest is quite low

Normal travel card never levied any interest rate while paying or withdrawing money with the help of it. But with this addition to the credit facility, the borrowed amount is the applied extra interest rate. Whether it is cash withdrawal or purchasing goods for every transaction, one needs to repay with the applicable interest rate. However, the interest rate is relatively low.

  • Forex rate is really impressive

Getting a fixed rate while transacting through foreign currency is next impossible as the financial market is not stable and associated with spontaneous ups and downs. For this reason, the money you borrow abroad majorly depends upon that day’s rate. However, most travel credit card companies try to provide comparatively lower exchange rate.

  • Offers specially designed for the unemployed

If you are thinking of being unemployed, will you be eligible for this card or not? Then the answer is undoubtedly positive, and there is no need to search for payday loans for unemployed from direct lenders to fulfil the dream of travelling the international country. Many travel card companies designed special offers for the unemployed if they are first-time applier.

What are the main advantages of utilizing a travel credit card?

Apart from healing to save money, a travel credit card allows several benefits:

  • Serves great benefit for the regular traveller: Are you a frequent traveller who spends most of the time abroad? Or are you going abroad for treatment? Whatever the reason may be, all can be satisfied with this card because of its credit facility. In past days, a traveller needs to guess the exact amount of expense as there was no way to refill. But with a new-gen travel card, you need to exercise accurate guessing ability anymore.
  • Easily link your card with tracking software: if you are a trade person and needs to visit abroad frequently, then the chance of borrowing can be increased. However, proper tracking always helps to mitigate the expense. The easy linking facility of this card helps to solve tracking issues.
  • Safeguard against fraudsters: While traditional cards never offered safety wall against fraudsters, it comes with such strict safeguarding facility. Apart from keeping your risk minimized from fraudsters, it also helps you to move cashless.
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