Commonly Read Books in High School


It does not matter the school you go to, but reading is the key. Reading different books will help with your English and also vocabulary. There are many books for students to choose from both in modern and superior. Every school has the list of books their students read, and if they decide to compare, then there will be a high possibility of similarity. It does not matter if you are in public or private school because the syllabus is the same. There are authors like Shakespeare and Twain, who are very common. You can also visit purchase essays online to get more insight. There are varieties of books that students can always read to better themselves.

Macbeth By Shakespeare

Authored when Scottish James got the throne of England, this book tells the story of Macbeth killing and guilt. Not every student enjoys Shakespeare’s English, but they all appreciate the fun tale. The book has different occasions that make the book more interesting. Every problem in the book gets solved at the end of the book. It gives you the momentum to read and know the end story.

Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

This book is well known and has a vast impact on many people. This book is familiar to many students because of its features and content. It also talks mostly about adolescents, and that is very interesting to students. It is one of the best books that tell an exquisite tale.

Hamlet by Shakespeare

It is a family story that tells how a father of a prince was murdered by the uncle. The book tops the list of many schools due to the storyline, and above all, it is very engaging. It is well known by many high schools and has good feedback.

Julius Ceaser by Shakespeare

This book talks about dictatorship. It features Julius Ceaser, who was a dictator and got assassinated. It is one of the history books of Shakespeare. Many schools have it, and students read it at all times. It is another fascinating book that will make you glued.

Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

It got released in 1885 in the United States. This book is not available in most schools due to vulgar language. Racism is not a good thing, but this book tends to encourage it. Many schools do not consider it as the best for students. All in all, it always appears in the books due to their skills.

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Written in 1850, it talks about the guilt and adultery during Puritan in Boston. Many students find it hard to understand, but the storyline makes it fascinating for students to read. It is one exceptional book which, when given time, can be extra engaging.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Many students enjoy this book because it talks about love, lust, greed, and many other things. This book helps people with their English and also to know American history. This book also generates moral values that are important to the students.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

There is a movie made from this book starring Gregory Peck. It falls in the category of one of the best books written. This book is suitable for students from 6th grade up until high school. It is a book that students can’t forget. It is always in their mind due to the content. For a good book and content, to kill a mocking bird is the book.

The Odyssey by Homer

This book will help you know the ancient culture, and that is very interesting. Many students are not a fan of it, but when they start reading, they understand and enjoy it. It is an adventure book, and many students find adventure compelling and captivating.

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

A great book that talks about the friendship between two men during the great depression. Students enjoy it because it helps them know more about friendship. It is an enjoyable book though it has ambiguous words that can be hard for students. It makes students know what to do when they stand and stick together during hard times.

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