Confused Between Landline and VoIP Phone System? Let’s Know Which One is Better

Confused between Landline and VoIP phone system? Let’s know which one is better

There is an ongoing debate going on about which business phone system is better for the business and official use. While some businesses are in favor of using the landline phone, whereas others prefer to make use of VoIP. We know that landline phones have been in use for quite a long time and that is why they are the choice of most businesses. But we cannot deny the fact that the VoIP phone system has gained huge popularity in less time and it is because of the numerous benefits it offers.

This debate is creating a big confusion in the mind of people that whether they should make use of landline phones or they should switch to VoIP. To make this confusion away, we are here to help you know some of the differences between the landline and VoIP phone systems. Let’s check these differences so that we can easily decide which of them is better.

Installation of the Phone System

When talking about the installation of the landline phones, so they take more time in installation compare to the VoIP phone system. Also, for the installation of landline phones, you will require cables or wires, and different equipment. But for the setup of a VoIP phone system, you do not require installation of any such things. You only need to ensure that you have an active internet connection if you want to make use of the VoIP phone system.

Set-up and Running cost of the Phone System

No matter from which service provider you are taking the service, but the charges for the set-up and use of the landline phones will be always higher. We already told you above that with a VoIP phone system you do not require any such installation, so there are no such charges. The only charges that you pay are for getting the VoIP phone number and the monthly plans for using the VoIP phone system.

Mobility while using Phone System

To make use of landline phones for calling or for receiving any calls, you need to be present at that particular place, where you have got it installed. But with VoIP Phone systems, there is no such limitation; this means you can make use of VoIP Phone Systems from any place. The only thing that you will need to receive VoIP calls is the internet. This shows that landline phones do not provide any mobility.

Features of Phone System

The landline phone system comes with limited features only. Their main function is only to help one receive or make calls. But VoIP Phone System comes with multiple features. It not only helps one take calls but it also makes possible for people to forward calls, transfer calls, provide automated feature, voicemail transcription, and many others.

Now, you all know which of the two is better and which one you should prefer. Well, no matter how old the landline phones are but when it comes to choosing the best business phone system, VoIP offers more value. Now, if you are planning to buy a VoIP service for your business, then check with different VoIP service providers. Go through their reviews like the Line2 reviews and other service provider’s reviews. After reading the reviews and checking about the features of different VoIP service providers, you will know which one you should buy.

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