6 Simple Ways to Choose the Best Personal Loan in India

What is the perfect way to get funds for your emergencies? It is a question that troubles many individuals at some point in their life. After careful analysis, it has been brought to a common understanding that a personal loan is a great financial tool for all your emergencies. It not only provides you with the required funds but also ensures that you do not undergo financial burden with its flexible tenure.

A Fullerton India personal loan is a line of credit for the need of the hours that helps finance your vacation, education, wedding, any medical emergency, house renovation, or any other expenses. It’s easy availability, and quick disbursal has made it one of the most sorts after credit option.

Choose the Best Personal Loan in India

If you want to apply for a personal loan and not sure how to choose the right lender as per your needs, the below options will provide you with more clarity, and help in making the right choice.

  • Personal Loan rates: The interest rate for a personal loan is not fixed. Different lenders offer a varied interest rate on a personal loan. The interest rate depends on various factors like:
  1. Market Scenario
  2. Repayment capacity of the applicant
  3. A debt-to-income ratio of the applicant
  4. Nature of employment/qualifications of the applicant
  5. The organization of the applicant
  6. Credit Score
  7. The loan amount
  8. The lender’s policy at the time of loan application

Based on all these factors, you must consider checking the interest rate of each lender. Do note that some lenders may offer very low rates, but these interest rates may be charged on a per-day basis, which would make your total interest payable very high. 

  • No Collateral: Personal loan is an unsecured loan that requires no collateral or security. However, you also have the option of getting a loan with a co-applicant or a guarantor so that you can get the best personal loan rates.
  • Minimum Documentation: Personal loans are an ideal choice because they come with minimum fuss. With less paperwork/documentation required as compared to a secured loan, you can get an online personal loan approved through instant loan apps. You can also choose to apply for a loan from a financial institution where you are already a customer so that the entire process becomes simpler.
  • Loan terms: One of the most essential things to consider when applying for a personal loan is the loan terms. This will include the loan amount and the loan tenure.A. Loan Amount: Based on your requirement, you can calculate the loan amount that you want to borrow. However, not all lenders will be willing to offer the same amount, based on your profile. You must consider the option that is either equal to or closes to the fund you require.B. Loan Tenure: The tenure of the loan plays a huge role while choosing the best online personal loan. It determines the EMI that you will be paying each month and the interest that you will be required to pay on the principal amount. A longer tenure means a lower EMI, but also a higher interest. You can use the personal loan EMI calculator to find the perfect balance.
  • Processing Fees: The cost of the loan, does not just mean the principal amount but also includes the processing fee charged by the lender. So, make sure to consider both factors when you are applying for a loan.
  • Loan Application Procedure: With the loan apps, a personal loan has now become quick and simple. Instead of long lines, you can now sit at the comfort of your house and apply for a loan. Make sure that you are checking the loan application procedure before choosing the lender.


Above are some of the factors which play a major role in determining the right personal loan and also ease you of any financial burden that you may have to face in the future.

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