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Motivation is an internal feeling that helps a person to move despite challenges. Motivation is necessary for every phase of life, and mostly when the situation is not favourable. Motivation is a part of the positive value that always keeps the person on the right track. Crystal healing therapy plays a pivotal role in boosting a person’s morale by pushing them towards motivation.

From ancient times, crystal healing is making a big difference in delivering magical results. The therapy calms the person’s senses & mind to build inner strength and induce positive qualities. With the change in culture & living style, this prominent traditional therapy still contains a high value. A motivated person filled with compassion & gratitude, unlike others. 

An Effective Way to Find Self- Motivation

➤Start with Brainstorming:

Brainstorming is the crucial step to find what factors are holding you back? Identifying the negative factors that give anxiety, stress, and frustration.  Even big scale business strategies are based on brainstorming activity. It will definitely take some time; might be two-three days or a week to understand those issues which are disturbing the mind. 

➤ Let Go & Find Your True Values:

Once the factors are analyzed and penned down, it’s important to let go. Letting go makes things easy and delivers you out of stress or sadness. The more one keeps in the mind & heart, the more negativity builds. It’s crucial to say goodbye to all the things which are stopping someone from doing good. After it, find the true values that blossom soul & body. True values like kindness, honesty, confidence, etc. boost motivation gradually. 

➤ Use of Crystals:

Crystals add a layer of positivity & higher motivation. Initially seek the help of professionals providing the use of crystals for beginners. Carnelian or Red jasper is generally used for motivation. But every person has different situations & approaches to life. So, crystals can differ in such aspects. 

How to Program The Crystals

Once the person has identified the stone for motivation. Then using it in the best possible way makes a big sense. Let’s know some popular steps of using crystals: 

➤ Find out the quiet place & no unnecessary disturbance.

➤ Write down a personal affirmation statement on a piece of paper and place it in front of you. Ensure it’s not folded. 

➤Put crystal on the top of a written statement. 

➤Now place the hands on the stone and close your eyes.

➤Focus and feel positive energy.

➤ Open your eyes slowly and see the light surrounding your paper.

This is one of the procedures to use the crystal. However, there are different practices involved in the therapy which is suitable to an individual. If wondering, how to learn about crystals? Then some good healing courses feature an appropriate way to use crystals in specific situations. In conclusion, crystal healing is productive for high motivation. 

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