Difference between WhatsApp hacking and spying

There is always been a contradiction and misconception between when we interpret two different activities in the same context one is hacking and the second one is spying of WhatsApp. Over the years the technology has evolved to the next level in terms of cellphone and free communication tools like instant messengers. Nowadays, you can certainly hack social app account on someone’s cellphone remotely and further you can spy on instant messenger. These two are separate activities that work differently. Let’s get to know about the difference between WhatsApp hacking and monitoring. 

What is WhatsApp hacking?

When it comes to hacking of the social messaging app couple of things comes in minds such as black hate hackers or cybercriminals. These are the ones who are professionals and talented programmers which can manipulate the loopholes of end to end encrypted instant messaging app. Moreover, they can steal data from millions of users by attacking the servers. So, hacking refers to the attempts made by the hackers to have unauthorized access to or control over social messaging app network security systems and use the information for intrusive and illicit purposes.

What is WhatsApp Spying?

When it comes to tracking on someone’s social networking app, it means you are going to get ingress into someone’s account. Moreover, it refers to an attempt to just gathering information on someone’s instant messenger account secretly by using powerful technological tools. They have got physical access on the device to install any sort of spyware to track the information you are looking for. Users can use the service for whatsapp spy app, for business protection, and to some extent for illicit surveillance.

 Why people hack and spy on WhatsApp?

It is one of the most widely used social media apps and it is a cross between the instant messenger and typical cellphone messaging service. It has more than 2 billion active users. So, people want to spy and hack this for a variety of reasons for data stealing, parental control, and business protection. 

Hacking is a very complex and difficult job to perform. However, an ordinary person can monitor someone’s social networking app account using cell phone monitoring software. Let’s get to know how to do it. 

Install cell phone monitoring app on someone’s phone to monitor WhatsApp

You can spy on WhatsApp and it is far easier than hacking someone’s social networking account. However, you cannot track the IM’s unless you have powerful tools that empower you to get access to the target device. You need to go to the webpage of the mobile spy app. Now get the license online and you will get credentials of your private web portal. Now get the target mobile into your hands and get started with the installation method. The moment you have ended up with the installation process complete the activation process on the target device. Now use the password and ID into your private dashboard and navigate towards powerful tools that allow you to do surveillance on someone’s instant messaging app. Now use the following mentioned exclusive and ultimate tools to track social networking app account.

Ultimate features to hack or spy on WhatsApp 

Social media tracking

You can monitor social messaging apps activities logs remotely using an online dashboard. Now get the logs of activities to happen on the instant messenger likewise voice video call logs, shared media, chats conversations, text messages, and Voice messages.

Live screen recording

You can remotely upload the information of the target device installed and active social messaging app using the online web portal. You can do a live screen recording of someone’s WhatsApp and record series of short videos and upload them to the online control panel. So, you can see the activities having recordings in your hands.

Remote screenshots

Capture screenshots of someone’s social networking account active on cellphone and you can schedule multiple screenshots on the target device. So, you can get the information about WhatsApp you were looking for.

Keystrokes Recordings

Users can record and capture keystrokes used on the target device and keystrokes pressed on social networking app. Users can get passwords, messenger and messages keystrokes.


Mobile surveillance is the best tools that enable you to spy on social media app and to some extent, you can hack it for digital parenting and business safety.

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