What Needs to be done if you are Caught With STD?

Sexually transmitted disease comes in many forms, some are bacterial and others are viral. The source of STD can be because of the semen, blood, vaginal secretions or saliva. It can also spread through skin contact. If a mother (who is conceiving a baby) is infested with STD (any type), she might pass that to her baby through either breast feeding or during childbirth. STI sounds scary to you but if you are sexually active then chances of having it will doubled up. 

At some point in time, everyone will be affected with sexually transmitted infections. When someone carries the disease and becomes infected, he has some period of time before a test will show positive. You must wait for a period before an STD test at Sexual health clinic. The most shocking fact about STD is, the symptoms are nil, meaning you’d never realize about the signs. You would never desire to know you’ve got a disease lurking inside your body. This happens with the majority of STDs like herpes, gonorrhea, or chlamydia.

The safer, the better

If you are having sex with full barrier protection, it can help in preventing STD but they are not 100% guaranteed. If you actually know the factors which bring STD, you can protect yourself completely. Safe sex can give you a happy sexual life but again, it is not guaranteed.

Safer sex means when partners are aware of the risk and they try out means to avoid any complications or infections. Such safer methods could still have some types of risk but they are much lower than not having precautions at all. In order to avoid further risk, you can visit walk in sexual health clinic London to get the best advice from the doctors. 

One of the examples of having safer sex:

At the time of ejaculation, make sure that you don’t secrete the fluid inside the woman’s vagina, anus or mouth. 

Safer sex also sees the prevention of having private parts contact. A lot of times, you can still get some infections from the skin to skin contact. Safer sex would always warn you to avoid any sexual activity when you have any cuts, wounds or sores or just having bleeding gums. These injuries will cause a severe sexual disease and can pass to your partner easily. These injuries increase the chances of spreading HIV. 

Getting tested for STD

When you are having sexual contact, it’s always a better decision to go with your partner and get yourself checked for STD. the moment you have sexual intercourse, you are much likely to have some or the other type of sexual infection. Some go away easily while others are more stubborn in sticking with your body, making an ever lasting impact! 

The fact that you are sure about your healthy sexual life is a big confirmation. Who wants to continue a sexual life knowing he/she might be at risk anytime? If you are in doubt and have no idea if your partner is free from any sexual diseases, you must go for the STD test. Nowadays, many clinics in London are there that offer same day STD testing facility. It’s safe and doesn’t even require your identity to lose. Modern STD test results have been much more feasible than before. 

Why regular testing has become so important in sexually transmitted diseases, only because they don’t give any symptoms as such! Visiting your doctor will be the only solution to find out if you have something wrong going on! While you visit the clinic and talk to your doctor, make sure you follow these for a better understanding and diagnoses of your disease:

  • Explain your doctor why you think you have STD (you might have doubt in case if you have had forced sexual contacts or your partner had been with some other relationship). Reasons could be many but make sure that your reason should not affect you mentally. As a lot of people do ashamed of their reasons being explained to their doctor and that throws them in utter distress. Be confident to explain to you think you might have STD and your doctor will always support you by listening patiently and helping you out! 
  • Explain your doctor regarding the moment you think you have been exposed to STD. 
  • Also, tell the doctor regarding the time when you had a test for STD. 

Many STD tests need you to wait for some few weeks before the result arrives. If the doctor has found some STD imprints in your antibody tests, you will be told to come back again for further confirmation (which involves giving blood samples). 

Finishing the treatment

If you are diagnosed with any type of STD, it is very important to finish your treatment course. The treatment regime will be set by your doctor and you have to go with it no matter how well you feel in the middle of the course. If you become negligent in matter of taking your antibiotics, you will slowly develop a condition which is known as antibiotic-resistant infection which will become much harder to eradicate. 

In case of incurable viral STDs like that of HIV, HPV, or HSV, you must consult your doctor about your health management and how you have to cope up with the disease so that your body doesn’t become more risky over the time. During these times, you will also carry the risk of transmitting the disease onto others, hence you have to take extra care of your health till the infection goes off completely. 

Having these diseases doesn’t mean your life is ruined. You will still have a happy sexual life but only on the condition that you also follow your doctor’s guidelines. 

Having a healthy discussion with your partner

If you truly care for your partner, there’s nothing more you can do to protect her from sexual diseases. Have an open discussion on why you want your partner to have a STD checkup. If you have been diagnosed with any type of STD, make sure you both had undergone a full sexual health checkup. If you have broken up with your partner, you must take the responsibility of letting him/her know about it so that the individual must not spread it to some more people. 

If you are a bit shy of nature and don’t want any type of conversation with your previous partner, you must reach out to him/her by having an anonymous identity through an online chatting service. Approaching directly would always be discouraged since the person is totally out of your life. This way you can approach your previous partner and let him/her know about the risks she might be having. Acknowledging one is the best method of helping others in reducing the risks. 

Conclusion, when you come to know about your STD, no matter how small it is, you must take full responsibility in keeping you and your partner safe. There are many things you can do to help your mind understand how important it is to follow up some basic guidelines on how you can be far from health risks. You will find many private doctors helping you out in this sector where you can explain to them everything regarding your disease and why you think you have them. Precaution is better than cure and to be honest there’s nothing more you can do to secure your sexual life. 

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