Enjoy the Camel Ride in Mongolia

Did you know that the capital city of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar which is the very coldest city in the world? Because, in this city, the temperature is in January are low as -36 to -40 °C. And my trip to Mongolia begun from Ulaanbaatar.

If we talk about this country then there are no many tourist attractions that are why this country doesn’t attract tourists compared to India, Thailand, etc. The Third Eye Travel is a travel and tour company that arrange almost all of things for us (We go with family) and these company also gave the transportation from Ulaanbaatar to the steppe. and I went with by a driver and a local guide each step of the path and they not only described everything about Mongolia’s exclusive tradition, history, and culture but also provided as chefs and translators.

Camel Trekking in the Gobi Desert

Here, you will get the livestock which is the main source of living in Mongolia, that’s why there were a lot of animals that you can see everywhere. And the goats, sheep, camels, and pigs, and horses are increased commercially. I would love to farm animals and obtained them to play with a heap.

But, one of the biggest and amazing things to complete in Mongolia is to travel a camel throughout the Gobi Desert that I have a lot of chances to complete on my Mongolia tour package (here, I also saw the bulls fight steps away from my Ger and got a selfie with a yak, but I move).

The camel trekking in Mongolia is very popular because the various type of camels explored here very unique whereas one-hump camels are found all over the Middle East, Africa, North America, and Australia and the two-hump diversity are inhabitant to Mongolia and are not explored all together anywhere.

It is one of the best experiences to enjoy camel riding which is the main attraction in Mongolia. I got the chance to travel a two-humped beauty throughout the Khogno Khan Uul Nature Reserve, which is the place of the Southern Part of the Gobi Desert.

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