Main Reasons about MBBS in China for Indian Students


Hello friends, welcome to my next blog about the reasons for study MBBS in abroad countries like China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and so on. And today my topic is about MBBS in China that why most of the students preferred to study MBBS in China nowadays as compared to any other country. And, here is given some of the main reasons why most of the students choose to study MBBS in China rather than other countries, such as

First of all Its Economic Status:

Yes, you listened me right, that Economic of the country of China is better than as compared to any other A-class countries like AUS or US not like other countries in China is not in front of any internal issues and also have a great infrastructure, and if you are thinking that all of the things are right but why is this country so important for MBBS education? Then, it is very important to know about the economic status of the country when you are visiting to stay there for five years of your life then you should plan for the next five years that how you are visiting to spend.


As you know that China is a medical universities center where a lot of MBBS colleges and universities in China then you will obtain a lot of choices whereas opting college and you can also select the colleges according to your main concern, and here, you will be also got the most of the colleges are MCI approved then you don’t have to worry about the medical colleges like Beihua Medical University, Fujian Medical University, Jilin Medical University, Nanjing Medical University, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Southeast University are very popular as the best medical universities in the world.

Modern medicine vs. Traditional Medicine:

All of us well aware to that we only follows the modern medicine because we do not know about the history of Traditional medicine, and you must be surprised after knowing that the traditional medicine was found in India and as well as other Asian countries that’s why it is one of the reasons that you should do your MBBS in China because here, you will get the chance to learn about both of the Traditional and Modern medicine at a time.

Fees structure:

And the fee structure is one of the most disappointment to any medical student because nowadays the medical fee of colleges are very high that’s why a lot of students planned to complete their dream from other countries. Most of the students choose the country of China for completing their dream because it is reasonable and you can also finish your 5 years MBBS within the money of 2 years that you used in the US and the tuition fee is also very low.

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