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Should You File a Claim?

Have you been in a car accident?  Was the accident your fault?  Were you injured in the accident?  These and several other questions are some of what you’re going to need to answer when you’ve been in an accident and are considering hiring a lawyer in the Dix Hills area to represent you.  While you don’t need a lawyer for every car accident, it might be a good idea to at least meet with a lawyer to see what they think of any offer you’ve been given when you have a claim to restitution from an insurance company.

Defining Injury

If you weren’t sore, stiff, or in pain before the accident and you are afterward, you may have a claim to your injuries.  You don’t have to sustain broken bones or have serious external bleeding to have injuries.  There are many different muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissue items inside your body that could become injured in an accident.  If you’ve been hurt, you need to make certain you’re going to have the proper care and coverage for your injuries above and beyond the initial diagnosis, especially when therapy may be involved in making you whole again.

What is the Insurance Adjuster’s Role?

An insurance adjuster is a person hired to act on behalf of the insurance company.  While they have the job of assessing the accident and writing a quote for the damages to your vehicle along with payment for medical bills you incur, they are acting in the interest of the company that hired them, which is often in opposition of you.  These professionals are hired to ensure a claim is as little as possible and if you take an initial settlement offer from them it will be.

How Much are You Going to Receive for Your Claim?

This is a question that needs to be answered.  If the fault for the accident is with the other driver, you’re going to receive some form of payment for the accident, but how much that claim is will be based on your knowledge of the system and the items that are included in the claim.  When you allow a car accident lawyer Dix Hills area to review your claim you’re more likely to have the largest amount possible for the accident you were in that wasn’t your fault.

Which Legal Team is Right for You?

You need a legal team to make sure you have the experience needed to represent you.  The team at Glynn, Mercep, and Purcell, LLP is the team you can trust to represent you and bring about the largest settlement amount for your claim.  Contact this team today and let them show you how much you can expect to receive.  Even if your initial settlement offer is the best one for you, at least you’ll have the professional and educated advice you’re looking for to make sure you’re being treated fairly.

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