Grocery Store Mistakes you are probably making

Nobody can escape grocery shopping, especially during pandemic times. As even those who swear on Dine outs or Takeouts had to do grocery shopping. Whether buying from Mom and Pop Stores or Modern Retail outlets, we often spend hours collecting our monthly supplies. Making the right decision during those visits affects our diet plan for the following week. Whether your New Year resolution is weight loss or a healthy diet, stay away from making these mistakes and see noticeable changes within a week, and save more.

Falling into Discounted Trap

Discounted or clubbed multi-packs save some money in the long run, they often lead us to buy more than we need, it also encourages us to consume it as a snack once in a while. Avoid falling into retail marketing traps and buy only what you need. Next time you come across any discounts thinks about when it can be used and keep it back if you don’t require it for your daily diet.

Not Reading Nutrition Labels

People often buy seeing brands or flashy benefits the product provides, instead of looking deeper into what the nutrition the product actually provides. Nutrition labels are actually quite helpful if you understand what they mean, learn about good nutrition and bad nutrition before heading over the next time and you might just find the products you consumed are higher in salts, fats, or sugar.

Shopping without a plan

Anything without a plan can go haywire, and grocery shopping is no exception, It can lead to buying unnecessary items and filling up the cart. It can lead to indulging in comfort food shopping which can harm not just your wallets but also your waistline.

Bingeing on the samples

Who doesn’t love free food, but indulging in not one but multiple food samples available at counters. Don’t indulge in it if you are not actually interested, the sample foods are made to look tempting and are not always healthy, so stay away from it as far as possible.

Impulse Shopping at end of aisles or billing counter

You must have always seen discounted fast foods like multipack chips or a new flavor tempting you to try it. It often leads you to add it to your cart before heading over to a salad bar or fresh food stock.

Shop at eye level

Retailers often keep the most branded premium product at the eye level to make your bill higher. The healthier items, mostly unattractive are kept hidden behind these attractive packages, you will be surprised at the bets you will get if you check products on higher shelves. Next time you visit a store make sure to check higher shelves before adding them to the cart.

You opt for Cart, instead of a bucket

This is the first mistake everyone does i.e picking up a cart instead of a bucket to carry your shopping, with retailers increasing their cart size year after year leads to their better revenues and our decreasing savings. It also leads us to buy things we don’t need.

Shopping on a wrong day

While there are offers that span across the week there are few days that provide the best bets available with the retailer, it may be the most crowded day at the retailer but is sure worth the money saved.

Buying for a recipe

We often have a recipe in mind and end up buying all the ingredients, of which only two ingredients are on discount, it also leads us to buy things for that specific recipe and which we may not use to create other recipes, leading to waste.

Choosing Organic Items

Falling into the organic label which makes us believe, organic means good, it’s not always true. Lots of goods can be organic such as chocolates etc. but that doesn’t mean healthy. Organic can be good for the planet but not always for the body or wallet.

To end with, Not bringing your own carry bag , while the carry bags are not expensive and have low charges but if we calculate on yearly basis and the harm plastic bags do to the planets, it’s worth to plan in advance and carry your own reusable bags.


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