How The Voicemail Transcription Feature Of Business Phone System Is Helping People?

With the multiple features of the Business Phone System, it has become trending among businesses. Many phone systems were being introduced in the market, but only the cloud-based business phone system has the capability, that it is being able to help many businesses. As it works on the internet only, so it is helping businesses save a good amount of money that they would have spent on phone calls.

One of the newly introduced features of the business phone system which is making it more popular is the Voicemail Transcription feature. With the help of this feature, it is now possible to get all the voicemails in your mailbox, as they get transcripts into emails. If you have never used this feature of the business phone system, you must do it. Below, we are going to share how the Voicemail Transcription feature of the business phone system is helping people in their business. We are pretty sure that after knowing the several benefits of this feature, you will definitely like to make use of it for your business too.

Never miss an important message send over voicemail

It often happens that when we are not reachable or we are not being able to pick calls, the other person leaves messages or notes on voicemail. But many times we forget to check the voicemails and sometimes they expire or we accidentally delete them without listening to them. This will make us miss an important message from a customer, a business associate, a client, or from anyone else. But now with the help of the voicemail transcription feature, it has become possible to get access to all the voicemails easily through emails. So, even if you have deleted the voicemails or were not able to hear them, do not worry. You can simply read them, as they are available in your mailbox.

Share voicemail, when not being able to type

If you have to drop an important message to a colleague or a customer, but you are not being able to send then a text message because you are driving or you are not being able to type. Then you can send them a voicemail if they have the same voicemail transcription feature. Because your voicemail will get delivered to their mailbox and they will be able to get your message on time. It is being researched also that most people check their mailbox 5 to 7 times a day. So, there are no chances of them missing your voicemail.

Saves one from wasting time listening to spam voicemails

It is quite common these days, that marketers leave a voicemail; advertising about their product or services. And this can make anyone feel frustrated and furious. So, if you do not want to hear all those spam voicemails, you can simply check in the mail whose voicemail it was and you can skip it without having to read the whole message. It will help you save a lot of time, as most businessmen get around 5 to 10 advertising spam calls almost every day.

Now, as you know how beneficial the voicemail transcription feature is for your business, you should get it added to your monthly plan of business phone system today only. If you have not started using the business phone system yet, get one right away. But go through their reviews like Linkedphone Reviews or other service provider’s reviews to know if they have this feature and other required features or not.

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