Guide to buying phone covers for Vivo Y50 online

Vivo phones are well known and most purchases. Out of the various models, Vivo Y50 is a fabulous model indeed. And if you have it, you are real lucky. But have you thought of protecting your phone with an apt Vivo Y50 cover? You probably wouldn’t have because people generally don’t. Now to make you more aware and be a step ahead of the world, we have a very essential guide on how to buy your  Vivo Y50 cover at the comfort of your home.


Yes you don’t have to go to the stores and check out every case model as we have shortlisted some best sites which will help you find the best mobile covers online


While buying online, you need to pay attention the reviews and ratings of the phone covers. But if you want to skip that, we have already reviewed some of the sites which are known to sell phone covers at a reasonable price without compromising quality. Read further to know more.

What are the online websites you should be considering?

  1. Covers deal

This site has Vivo Y50 covers at two prices: 139 and 159. The cases are customized based on themes, cartoons and a lot more. These covers give an aesthetic look to your fun, not too quirky and not too old fashioned. A site worth exploring within budget overs. These covers also protect your phone surprisingly. Not that well, but you can count on them to not allow it from shattering it to pieces. 

  1. Wishful prints

For all the ladies out there, this might be your go to place. With the amazing feminine touch to each cover, wishful prints has beautiful covers and that too, just at 99. These are so cheap you could change covers every month. Romance, flowers, colours, nature, bling, sparkle, glitter and everything else a woman loves; they have it all. They are really low priced but they do not promise any sort of protection standards. They are more for use and throw purpose if you drop your phone very often.

  1. Your prints

Another quirky site to explore, Your prints has amazing customizable back cover collections. They not only sell fun covers, they also have flap covers and hard cases they have designed keeping in mind the safety of your phone. Everything put up on this site is creative, even the flap covers you won’t believe. 

  1. Print shoppy

Vivo Y50 comes in beautiful colours like Starry Black, Iris Blue, Pearl white. If you have bought this phone being colour selective, you don’t want to hide that with an opaque back cover do you? Print shoppy is known for its amazing transparent back covers. Sometimes, they also have minimalistic designs and text which only take up a small part of your cover, not only preventing it from hiding the original colour of your phone but also adding to its appeal.

  1. Amazon

The most trusted one; you can never go wrong here. Amazon has all the cover options available in the world. Bumper cases, full body shockproof, waterproof; name it and they have it. The ratings, customer reviews, product description, etc is so precise and clear that you actually get what the product is going to look like and be like. Once you’ve got that confidence, things will work out for sure.  Amazon takes care of not only aesthetics but protection and quality too and delivers the best Vivo Y50 cover at your doorstep.

  1. Flipkart

Flipkart has really good leather flap cover options for your Vivo Y50 cover. If you want your front screen to be protected without having to buy a screen guard separately, this is what you can go for. Leather covers have also been stylized over time and you will find really new and different styles at flipkart. Flipkart being a standard website, sells its products at minimal rates therefore, these cases won’t be expensive as much as you think. Definitely lesser than the store price.


With this, we shall leave you informed here to make the decision. We have given almost every viable option to you to buy the perfect mobile cover online. You just have to find the perfect one for your Vivo Y50 cover

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