Have you got what it takes to be an IAS Officer


It is a dream of lakhs of aspirants to be a part of Indian bureaucracy. One such way to get into Indian administration is through writing the IAS Exam. The exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on an annual basis. It is a challenging task to prepare for one of the toughest examinations in India and secure yourself a rank in Indian bureaucracy. This article will discuss the ways in which an aspirant can clear the exam to become an officer in the IAS. 

The UPSC examination is a three-tier process. Prelims, Mains and Interview are three stages of the examination. Candidates who secure top ranks in the examination can become IAS Officer. 

Every year, the Commission releases vacancies to get filled by the candidates for the post of IAS, IRS, IFS, IPS, etc. In 2019, there were 892 vacancies for the candidates. In 2020, the commission has announced 796 vacancies. As can be seen, it is a challenge for the lakhs of aspirants who sit for the examination to secure one seat in only a few hundreds vacancies. Read on to know what traits are required to become a civil servant.

7 Important Traits of an IAS Officer

However difficult the examination be, if an aspirant designs his strategy as per the need of the examination, he/she can surely crack the IAS Exam. The IAS full form is Indian Administrative Service and hence, it is commonly called the IAS Examination. A few traits that are commonly found in the candidates who later become civil servants in their lives are:

  1. Discipline – This is one of the most common yet a very important trait found in all the successful candidates who clear UPSC Exam. A disciplined life is very important for them as it helps them fulfil even the most daunting tasks in their career. 
  2. Perseverance – A quality that can’t go unnoticed is that of a perseverance of a candidate. When a candidate persists to finish the syllabus on time, revise them frequently, take test series periodically and learn from the mistakes despite difficulty or delay in the results, he/she surely nears the success. 
  3. Temperament – A candidate’s behaviour towards challenges, environments and different situations make a distinct individual. As it is said that temperament can be developed, all the candidates should persist to have a calm and logical temperament.
  4. Leadership – Some are born leaders but they need to be shaped to become a great one. Most of the civil servants have amazing leadership skills. If you plan to become a civil servant, you should start harnessing your leadership skills.
  5. Honesty – To become a legacy, honesty is one of the pivotal traits found in IAS officers. An honest attitude towards work, companions, society and nation at large drive them to become unique in their own way. 
  6. Communicative – As it is said, “good words are worth much but cost little,” defines how important good communication skills are. Top leaders in Indian bureaucracy clearly reflect on this trait and are found to be best in their communication. 
  7. Administrative – Before you dream to get into the administration, one needs to know what it takes to be administrative. A decisive approach and implementation of tasks with a set agenda and well thought of outcomes are very important traits in an officer. 

An aspirant preparing for the UPSC examination this year should instill motivation and start working towards the goal to become an IAS Officer. A right strategy with a good knowledge of the set of traits required to be one in the bureaucracy will surely help all the candidates to clear the examination.

As the examination is only a few days ahead, one should start revising all the important notes and mock test answer keys to not miss anything important. Keep focussing on your goal and not on obstacles and surely you will have what it takes to become a successful Indian Administrative Service officer. 

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