How To Choose The Best School In Preston For Your Child

Welcome to being a parent. It’s such a special moment for you now that your responsibilities are expanding. We can imagine how stressed you must be trying to find the right education for your dear child.

One that challenges them enough to grow, yet without breaking their spirits.

We understand you want only the best for your child. 

That is why we have decided to make a checklist of things you need to look for while selecting your child’s best school in Preston.

What to Think of When Selecting a School for Your Child?

We now live in times where education is given so much importance. In England, there currently are schools catering to your child’s development right from embryo till they’re 18. 

We’ve even seen parents who have applied for admissions when they’ve just conceived. Whatever your requirement, the good news is that there are plenty of schools that provide good education to your precious child. 

That being said, we understand you want to get your little one in the best of the best schools. Here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind while thinking of admission hunting:

Firstly, know your options.

When thinking of applications, keep in mind what you want for your child. Do you want them to be homeschooled? Do you want them to go to a public school? Or do you prefer they go to a private school? Your choice depends on many situations: would you be able to drop them off at school? Do you have a transferable job? Etc.

Secondly, find the right fit.

Now that you understand your needs and have selected the right category of schools, you then start looking at your values. What values do you want your child to grow up having?. Your child’s school plays an essential role in shaping his mindset. Do you want a religious influence? Would you like to have a finishing school element added? Do you want your lad to have a lot of sports opportunities? Do you want them to focus on excelling in academics? Etc.

Thirdly, check out ratings.

You can see how well the students of the school are scoring on their tests. While this is not an exact measurement to see how right a school is, it can give you some much-needed insights into how the school’s reputation is. 

Check out the local ratings of the school if available. Check out the reviews on Ofsted reports (Office for Standards in Education), achievement tables, etc. This will allow you to select the best school amongst your streamlined choices.

You can’t ignore physically visiting the school.

Yes, everything seems great on paper and their website, but unless you set your foot into their office, you won’t have a sense of the people that might end up teaching your child. Go, have a word with their principal, talk to the faculty, and get a pulse of their culture and ethics.

While you are at their premises, ask questions as much as you possibly can. Only when you ask many questions will you get to know the people there and how they react to curiosity, and how much they appreciate inquisitiveness. 

Finally, ask around

Find parents who send their wards to the schools you have streamlined and ask them about the schools’ reviews. They can give you the most honest feedback, considering how they are experiencing it through their kids.

In conclusion

You will always have a bit of anxiety when selecting the right school for your darling child. However, the best you can do depends on how much you have researched and how well you have planned. Keep these pointers in mind when you decide to admit your child. At Preston, Ashbridge school is an award-winning independent school and nursery that can cater to your child’s schooling years’ excellence. From daycare to the nursery and beyond, Ashbridge can assure you peace of mind where the quality of education is concerned. You can have a look at our offerings here

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