How to Prepare You Air Conditioner for Summer

It is almost summer and air conditioning will be your main ally to face the heat. You may not have used your air conditioning in months due to the winter period and you certainly don’t want it to abandon you during the heatwave. To not be caught off guard and be faced with last-minute air conditioning problems, it would be better to use AC services offered by a reputable company or to know how to prepare your air conditioning for periods of heat.

Maintain your air conditioning before summer because there could be an accumulation in your appliance when it has been off for a long time. Continue reading the blog to find out how to prepare your air conditioning for the summer.

Checking and Maintaining Filters

Checking the filters is the first and foremost step in preparing your air conditioning for the summers if you are not booking AC repair services. You must see if the filters are clean because they can be blocked inside, affecting your air conditioning operation. Clean the filters if they get dusty and get used to cleaning whenever a wave of dust occurs. If the filters look damaged, then simply replace them. If you do not clean the filters, the dust will be carried by the air conditioning.

Debris Cleaning

The air conditioning condenser is usually located outside. This is a kind of fan that is in a large box with grilles. Clear all debris from the base of the condenser and make sure the drain line is completely drained. The providers of AC services use a cloth and a vacuum cleaner to loosen the dirt that is in the fan part and you can do the same.

If there is too much water in your air conditioning, decrease the water volume and check that the bolts are tight for more optimal operation. The fan motor should not run out of lubricant, make sure it has enough. Otherwise, add drops of oil to the orifices.

Cleaning the Condenser Coils

During winter, the condenser must be protected with a cover which can be a tarpaulin. This protection helps prevent debris from accumulating in the unit. When the air conditioning condenser is not protected, dead leaves and other dirt get piled up inside. In this case, it is mandatory to clean the condenser. The air circulates through the condenser coils and these can be clogged with dirt.

It is important to know that when there is an obstruction at this level, the condenser no longer operates normally and therefore there will be problems with air circulation. You must then clean the coils by unscrewing the grids of the condenser box to access it. The air conditioning condenser must be de-energized for safety reasons as it is done by AC installation services.

Once you have removed the retainers from the grilles, remove them and set them aside. Lift the condenser, being careful not to pull the electrical wires. You can use a brush to remove the dirt located on the coils. Prevent water from touching the electrical elements of the condenser.

Checking the Conduits

There are pipes that go from the external side of the condenser to the evaporator responsible for treating the air. These pipes can generate energy losses if they are not covered with insulating material. This is why these pipes are covered with insulating material like a foam to ensure energy retention. When preparing your air conditioning, you must check that all parts of these pipes are covered with insulation. If any part of the insulation is missing padding, replace the insulation with a new foam sleeve that will cover the pipes. A foam tape will also be suitable to protect the ducts.

Summer is coming… Do the Tests and If Needed Book AC Services!

You don’t have to wait for sunny days to turn on your air conditioning after months of non-use. You must constantly carry out tests to verify the proper functioning of your air conditioning. If you have already performed the various phases of cleaning your air conditioning, you must let it dry before restarting it. You must put the thermostat in your home in OFF mode, then turn on the air conditioning before switching the thermostat to COLD.

All these actions allow you to prepare your air conditioning and not be confronted with problems at the very last minute. After all this, test as much as possible so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises. It is important to specify that you must prepare your air conditioning well before the onset of the summer season. The tests will allow you to maintain the mechanics and know if everything is expected in terms of your air conditioning operation.

Despite all the preparation it may turn out to be out of order. You can at this time search a professional online with the keywords “AC services near me” like Mr. Mahir AC services for a wide choice of models and brands.

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